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Nicholas Branch - This person had a room overthrowing with files and documents about the Kennedy assassination.

Walter 'Win' Everett Jr. - This person returned to a job as a college professor after leaving the CIA.

Laurence 'Larry' Parmenter - This person lost money on Cuba investments after the Bay of Pigs invasion failed.

T.J. 'T-Jay' Mackey - This person made the decision to kill Kennedy instead of fake an assassination attempt.

Guy Banister - This person was the connection between intelligence agents and the right-wing exiles who carry out the assassination.

David Ferrie - This person had no hair on his body.

Lee Harvey Oswald - This person defected to the Soviet Union.

Jack Ruby - The person nearly lost his club due to a loan in default.

Carmine Latta - This person funded the effort to kill Kennedy.

George de Mohrenschildt - This person...

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