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Chapter Abstracts

Part 1: In the Bronx and 17 April

* Lee Oswald is truant during his youth in the Bronx.

* Nicholas Branch is employed chronicling the Kennedy assassination.

* Win Everett suggests to his former CIA colleagues that they stage an assassination attempt on Kennedy.

Part 1: New Orleans

* Lee enters adolescence, living with his mother in New Orleans.

* Lee becomes enamored of Marxist philosophy.

* Lee meets Dave Ferrie while trying to buy a gun.

Part 1: 26 April

* George de Mohrenschildt tells Parmenter about Oswald.

* Mackey brings Bannister and Ferrie into the plan.

* Win and Parmenter decide Oswald will be the plot's patsy.

Part 1: In Atsugi

* Lee observes initial tests of the U-2 plane in Atsugi.

* Lee is put in the brig for insubordination.

* Lee Meets with Dr. Braunfels in an attempt to defect.

Part 1: 20 May, In Fort Worth, and 19 June

* Mackey brings Cuban exiles in on the fake assassination plot.

* Parmenter is embittered by...

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