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Short Answer Questions

1. What food did Mary wake to find Charlie cooking, naked, at the oven in the middle of the night?

2. During what month of the year were the construction projects in the Karr family home complete, allowing for Grandma Moore to finally move in?

3. What insect attacked Charlie's car as she was driving to her mother's home in West Texas?

4. What city did Charlie regularly think of while listening to the opera?

5. What is the name of Mary's older sister?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Mary find out that her family was moving, yet again, from Colorado?

2. What happened when the Karr family left the Bridge Cafe soon after Mary's birthday?

3. How did Mary and Lecia find out they had missed Father's Day?

4. What story did Pete regularly tell about the way his father died?

5. What was Mary's reaction to seeing her mother in the mental hospital for the first time?

6. Who was Bumper, and what happened to him when Pete was admitted into the hospital?

7. Where was Mary when she was sexually assaulted, and what was her reaction to the event?

8. Who was Purdy?

9. How did the neighborhood pitch in to help when Grandma Moore moved in with the Karr family?

10. What was the truth behind Tex and Belinda, as Charlie told the story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After the divorce, Mary and Lecia adopt very different coping mechanisms to deal with their emotional disappointment in their parents. First, describe Mary's emotional coping method while dealing with abandonment issues from her father. Then, compare / contrast that to Lecia's coping method while dealing with abandonment issues from her father. What is the same about their coping methods? What is different? How do these two coping methods come to a head on Father's Day? Be sure to include at least two examples from the text that you believe help strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

One of the main issues Mary struggled with throughout her childhood was feeling competitive with her sister, Lecia. First, explain the relationship between Mary and Lecia in their early childhood. What elements of their personalities were pitted against each other for competition? Then, explain how the relationship between Mary and Lecia changed when their mother was committed. How did the competitive nature of the relationship between the two sister alter once their mother was no longer in the home? Be sure to include at least two examples of scenes from the memoir to strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

At the opening of the memoir, Mary explains that her mother has been taken away for being "Nervous." First, explain what the definition of "Nervous" is within the medical community of Mary's hometown. Then, choose one other person in the town that was diagnosed with "Nervousness" and compare / contrast that nervousness to Mary's mother's nervousness. What is the same about their conditions? What is different? Which case of nervousness seems to be more severe? How can you tell? Be sure to include examples from the text to strengthen your arguments.

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