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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Charlie spend her day doing while at the beach with her family soon after Grandma Moore's funeral?

2. How did Mary know that Lecia had been attacked by a jellyfish even though her sister was still in the water?

3. At which aunt's house did Grandma Moore die?

4. What type of music signaled Charlie's worst type of mood to the girls?

5. How old was Mary the first time she was sexually assaulted by the neighbor boy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Mary choose to spend the Green Stamps she collected from the grocery store?

2. How did Charlie and Pete first meet?

3. How did Pete manage the family's money during their toughest financial times?

4. What did Pete witness of the hurricane when he refused to evacuate to Lubbock with his family?

5. What behaviors did Grandma Moore witness in the Karr girls as children that deeply disturbed her?

6. Why did Mary begin to compulsively check the mailbox after Father's Day?

7. What was the effect of the many years of hard drinking on Pete's body?

8. How did music affect Charlie's mood during her depression?

9. Where was Mary when she was sexually assaulted, and what was her reaction to the event?

10. Who were Tex and Belinda?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Karr family's move to Colorado signals a real change in the relationship between Charlie and Pete. First, explain why the family decided to move to Colorado in the first place. Then, describe how this motivation signals a shift in the balance of power between Charlie and Pete. How do you see this relationship change carry out through the family's time in Colorado? Be sure to include at least two examples of scenes from the text that you believe help strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 2

As a child, Mary was sexually assaulted. First, describe the setting of Mary's sexual assault and describe Mary's reaction to the event. Then, compare / contrast Mary's childhood reaction to the assault with her adult reaction to the assault. What is the same about her reactions? What is different? Finally, explain which of Mary's reactions you think was the most beneficial in helping Mary cope with the events of the assault and explain why, citing examples from the text to strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 3

In her childhood, Mary has two very strong motherly figures in her life: her mother and her grandmother. First, describe Charlie's mothering style. Then, compare / contrast that to Grandmother Moore's mothering style. What is the same about their mothering styles? What is different? Finally, explain what Mary learned about herself and her family from her two mother figures. Which of these women do you think had a more profound effect on Mary in her childhood? How can you tell? Be sure to cite at least two scenes from the memoir to strengthen your arguments.

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