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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do God's miracles never go against the sovereign?

2. Who is it that Hobbes says belong to the Kingdom of God?

3. What is the end result of worshiping?

4. What does Hobbes say the Scripture says regarding demons?

5. Why do few people ever hear the word of God to believe or reject it according to Hobbes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Hobbes have to say about the desire for absolute power?

2. What does Hobbes call a spirit?

3. What is Hobbes' position on crime and personal survival?

4. Briefly identify Hobbes' definition of the opposite of God.

5. Briefly describe Hobbes' idea of punishment.

6. What is Hobbes' opinion of philosophy?

7. What does Hobbes say about popularity?

8. In what ways does Hobbes say a person can be punished?

9. What does Hobbes have to say about ministers of the ecclesiastical?

10. What does Hobbes conclude about the Scriptures?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a critique of LEVIATHAN. In this paper give a brief synopsis, the parts you found most interesting, and the parts (if any) you found objectionable. Conclude with your recommendation on whether it is a good read for those who are interested in political philosophy.

Essay Topic 2

In Hobbes' political philosophy, the only valid reason for taking up arms against a sovereign is for self protection. Write your paper based on Hitler's taking over Germany and the plight of the Jews and other minorities his persecuted. Hobbes' theory is that the people thus under such a sovereign are constrained to obey the laws of the sovereign first.

Essay Topic 3

For the serious student, write a paper comparing Hobbes' LEVIATHAN to Machiavelli's THE PRINCE. There are similarities in both men's position with the nobility as well as some of the strictness of their ideas.

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