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Short Answer Questions

1. What two factors does Hobbes believe control mental discourse?

2. What does Hobbes think of using metaphors?

3. What happens in an assembly that cannot happen with a monarch?

4. What two systems does Hobbes define within a commonwealth?

5. How does Hobbes define injustice of an action?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly identify Hobbes' definition of the opposite of God.

2. How does Hobbes say competition comes into human relations?

3. What does Hobbes believe about judicial interpretation?

4. Describe briefly Hobbes' contract of a commonwealth.

5. What are the three sovereignties Hobbes defines?

6. How does Hobbes attack the Roman Catholic Church as well as Greek philosophers?

7. What is Hobbes' position on religious statues and icons?

8. What does Hobbes conclude about the Scriptures?

9. What is a leader supposed to do in addition to establishing punishments?

10. What does Hobbes say about popularity?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on whether you agree with Hobbes that the power of the sovereign cannot be challenged. Think in terms of sovereign powers today and what they are like when the right of challenge is removed from the people.

Essay Topic 2

In the Bible, the leviathan was generally spoken of as some kind of fearsome creature. Write a paper stating your opinion of Hobbes' idea of the leviathan and whether the resulting creature (his commonwealth) was somehow frightening.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the absence of law in nature as supposed by Hobbes. Explain if you think man is basically evil and can only be controlled by fear. If that is the case, how would you explain people getting together to form a commonwealth.

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