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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Unless an ecclesiastical is also a king, what can he not do?
(a) order obedience
(b) work miracles
(c) teach the Bible
(d) lead a church

2. For what is it required to pay a certain price God is willing to accept?
(a) redemption
(b) unlimited abundance
(c) sovereignty
(d) peaceful life

3. Who is it that Hobbes says belong to the Kingdom of God?
(a) those people who believe there is a God
(b) only people who are members of the Church of England
(c) every person under the sun
(d) the sovereigns who answer only to God

4. What does Hobbes call a crime?
(a) a sin that is done in the darkness
(b) a sin which consists of doing what is forbidden by law
(c) a sin that obeys an unjust law
(d) a sin which is intended whether committed or not

5. What does Hobbes identify as security against all evil, sickness, and death?
(a) public welfare
(b) the joys of eternal life and salvation
(c) miracles
(d) wealth and prosperity

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hobbes mean when he says something must be strange and uncommon so people can believe it is the true work of God?

2. What does Hobbes identify as heathen teaching?

3. What does Hobbes call a sin?

4. How does Hobbes define obedience to the laws?

5. What roles does Hobbes say are assigned to Jesus Christ?

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