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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hobbes contend that no sovereign can do wrong to anyone under his authority?
(a) There is divine Right of Kings.
(b) The sovereign is led by God.
(c) The sovereign is exempt from making mistakes.
(d) They entered into the contract to create the sovereign.

2. What two factors does Hobbes believe control mental discourse?
(a) Vocabulary and definitions
(b) Desire and fear
(c) Love and hate
(d) Education and experience

3. What is the term he uses for reasoning with another person?
(a) Arguing
(b) Signifying
(c) disconcerting
(d) Stygmatizing

4. What can a man do when speaking to a group?
(a) stand behind a podium to protect himself
(b) read from a prepared speech
(c) use oratory tools to persuade and win over the group
(d) force others to remain silent

5. What does Hobbes say leads to competition among people?
(a) different interests
(b) religion
(c) different abilities
(d) restless desire

Short Answer Questions

1. What are some of his voluntary motions?

2. How can it be said that each man in a group has a voice?

3. When many people first get together, what are they called?

4. What is a counselor's disadvantage in speaking only to one man?

5. What kinds of questions does Hobbes say people have little interest in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hobbes say men will give up some of their freedoms?

2. How does Hobbes illustrate what he calls compound imagination?

3. How does Hobbes extol the idea of the commonwealth?

4. How does Hobbes say competition comes into human relations?

5. How does Hobbes say a person can increase intellectual virtue?

6. Why does Hobbes say that people fear other people?

7. What is Hobbes' definition of author?

8. How does Hobbes identify skepticism in regards to belief?

9. How does Hobbes describe a despotic dominion?

10. How does Hobbes define justice?

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