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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hobbes call the blood flow of a commonwealth?
(a) religion
(b) military power
(c) money
(d) voting rights

2. Why can passion for power be dangerous?
(a) People can be deceived.
(b) People cannot achieve it.
(c) People can use evil means to get power.
(d) People can be electrocuted.

3. What does Hobbes say a person is doing when he stops defending himself?
(a) doing the right thing
(b) depending on the commonwealth
(c) practicing the Golden Rule
(d) surrendering his life and his possessions

4. How does Hobbes classify intellectual virtue?
(a) having natural wit or a quick imagination
(b) having natural innocence
(c) having insight into spiritual matters
(d) having a high IQ

5. What does Hobbes call reasoning with oneself?
(a) Foolish
(b) Insanity
(c) Marking
(d) Impossible

Short Answer Questions

1. How can it be said that each man in a group has a voice?

2. What is Hobbes' idea about self-protection in natural law?

3. What is the sovereign's right in legal matters?

4. How does Hobbes classify the person or group of people who have someone speak for them?

5. Why does Hobbes insist that the commonwealth is born out of human politics?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hobbes extol the idea of the commonwealth?

2. Why does Hobbes insist that the people cannot protest against a sovereign?

3. What is Hobbes idea of people being created equal?

4. How does Hobbes describe a despotic dominion?

5. How does Hobbes say competition comes into human relations?

6. Why does Hobbes say men will give up some of their freedoms?

7. In what way does Hobbes warn against errors in logic or speech?

8. How does Hobbes say people reason?

9. Give Hobbes' idea about how much a country needs individuals.

10. Describe briefly Hobbes' contract of a commonwealth.

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