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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hobbes describe as an external sign of God's special workings on their hearts so that afterwards they teach the Word of God?
(a) the Holy spirit
(b) the Rapture
(c) conversion
(d) worship

2. How does Hobbes define punishment?
(a) doing away with the death penalty
(b) an evil inflicted when a subject has committed a crime
(c) not sparing the rod and spoiling the child
(d) putting innocent people in prison

3. What must punishment focus on?
(a) capital and non-capital methods
(b) not making the punishment fit the crime
(c) making the subject feel happy
(d) correction and not revenge

4. Who does Hobbes say began the notion of demons and it spread to many cultures?
(a) the Greeks
(b) the Hindus
(c) the heathens
(d) the Egyptians

5. What are the people expected to do?
(a) abstain from violence, private revenges, robbing, and violating their neighbors
(b) make more money for the sovereign so greater shows can be put on
(c) obey only the laws that make sense to them
(d) demonstrate agains the sovereign when they do not agree with the laws

6. What does Hobbes mean by anything spoken by God and those concerning Him and his government?
(a) the Golden Rule
(b) the Prophets
(c) the Ten Commandments
(d) the Word of God

7. What does Hobbes mean when he says something must be strange and uncommon so people can believe it is the true work of God?
(a) a migraine
(b) a meditation
(c) a miracle
(d) a messenger

8. What does Hobbes say awaits people who do not believe in Christ or the Kingdom of God?
(a) vanishing into nothing
(b) poverty and hard labor on earth
(c) reincarnation until they get it right
(d) an eternal death after judgment

9. Who are the subjects in the Kingdom of God?
(a) everyone all over the world
(b) only angels and heavenly choirs
(c) all men who have made a pact with him to be part of his Kingdom
(d) all people preselected for membership

10. Why do few people ever hear the word of God to believe or reject it according to Hobbes?
(a) God only speaks to one or very few to spread his word.
(b) People cannot always understand the Latin Bible.
(c) Most people will not go to hear a sermon.
(d) It is illegal to teach the word in most places.

11. Why must a sovereign publish and instruct people about his laws?
(a) because otherwise people are in danger of being unjustly arrested
(b) because the people will then know how intelligent he is
(c) because he had nothing better to do with his time
(d) because he can confuse the people otherwise

12. For what is it required to pay a certain price God is willing to accept?
(a) sovereignty
(b) unlimited abundance
(c) peaceful life
(d) redemption

13. What does Hobbes caution the English Parliament not to do?
(a) not to do away with the monarchy
(b) not to ignore the will of the people
(c) not to copy the doctrines of other nations or of the Greeks and Romans
(d) not to encourage rebellion amont the nobles

14. How does Hobbes say people can poison others and thus promote the dissolution of the commonwealth?
(a) with religion
(b) with bad doctrines
(c) with tainted drinking water
(d) wit arsenic

15. To what does Hobbes compare the dissolution of a commonwealth?
(a) an attack of the flu
(b) an intestine disorder
(c) poor hygiene
(d) cancer

Short Answer Questions

1. What example does Hobbes give as a crime that is not a crime?

2. In discussing a Christian Commonwealth, what does Hobbes have to say about Holy Scriptures?

3. Where does the Pope have a right to command according to Hobbes?

4. What is the punishment of exile?

5. Who is a person who speaks directly to God and is a predictor of the future according to Hobbes?

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