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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one exception to a defense of not knowing the law?
(a) ignorance may apply to someone is if he is a foreigner
(b) ignorance may be applied if the law is obscure
(c) ignorance may be applied if a person cannot read
(d) ignorance may be applied if everyone has forgotten it

2. What does Hobbes call an assembly of people who gather together to hear a priest or pastor speak to them about the word of God?
(a) a delegation
(b) a civic club
(c) a church
(d) a coven

3. If he so wishes, what is a king allowed to do?
(a) become the Pope
(b) to authorize mass executions of innocent people
(c) to go to war with non-believers in the name of God
(d) to authorize the New Testament into civil law

4. How does Hobbes define obedience to the laws?
(a) not sinning, as well as being charitable and loving
(b) making sure you do not know what the law is
(c) not doing anything that can be witnessed
(d) keeping clear of the officials

5. Who does Hobbes identify as ecclesiasticals?
(a) mystics from the East
(b) those opposed to the Christian Commonwealth
(c) those who are ordained to speak of the word of God.
(d) the original twelve apostles

6. In discussing a Christian Commonwealth, what does Hobbes have to say about Holy Scriptures?
(a) They come from the sovereign.
(b) They are not good for making a commonwealth.
(c) They were written by different writers.
(d) They were written on tablets of stone.

7. Who are the subjects in the Kingdom of God?
(a) all men who have made a pact with him to be part of his Kingdom
(b) only angels and heavenly choirs
(c) all people preselected for membership
(d) everyone all over the world

8. What are some Biblical books Hobbes says are written about certain people and not written by them?
(a) Exra, Nehemiah, I Peter
(b) Amos, Obadiah, and I John
(c) James, Jude, and Song of Solomon
(d) Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Samuel

9. What was Hobbes' great objection to Aristotle's view of law?
(a) Men should have the freedom to interpret laws and that men govern and not the law.
(b) Interpretation of the law is not open to public forum or discussion.
(c) Law is absolutely necessary for any commonwealth.
(d) The law should be inflexible and only be changed by a sovereign.

10. What does Hobbes say is granted to Christians who are good citizens of their commonwealth?
(a) great riches on earth
(b) freedom from earthly laws
(c) eternal life
(d) rulership of the earth

11. Who does Hobbes say began the notion of demons and it spread to many cultures?
(a) the Hindus
(b) the Egyptians
(c) the heathens
(d) the Greeks

12. What is impunity?
(a) persecution by the law
(b) punishment by the law
(c) exemption from the law
(d) inaccurate knowledge of the law

13. What are some ways Hobbes describes the Spirit of God?
(a) a power so strong it moves mountains
(b) the wind or a breath and sometimes it is a deep understanding and wisdom
(c) a strange sensation that causes one to speak in other languages
(d) a white light seen at the end of a tunnel

14. What Catholic teaching does Hobbes object to?
(a) changing the bread and wine to the actual body and blood of Christ
(b) the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus
(c) the Holy Trinity
(d) baptism to become a Christian

15. What is an angel?
(a) a winged horse
(b) an hallucination
(c) a dragon
(d) a messenger of God

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the idea of demons take prominence?

2. In addition to the Spirit of God, what other ethereal beings does Hobbes mention?

3. How does Hobbes classify the desire for absolute power?

4. What practices of the Roman Church does Hobbes take exception to?

5. What does Hobbes call a sin?

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