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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is a person who speaks directly to God and is a predictor of the future according to Hobbes?
(a) a vizier
(b) a prophet
(c) a visionary
(d) a soothsayer

2. What are the ways in which, according to Hobbes, people can worship God?
(a) animal sacrifices and giving of tithes
(b) building great churches in the commonwealth
(c) self flagilations and mortifications
(d) through prayer, giving thanks, sacrifices and oblations

3. Why do few people ever hear the word of God to believe or reject it according to Hobbes?
(a) God only speaks to one or very few to spread his word.
(b) It is illegal to teach the word in most places.
(c) Most people will not go to hear a sermon.
(d) People cannot always understand the Latin Bible.

4. What causes the people of a nation to become very angry and pass on their anger to their children?
(a) a leader who travels a lot
(b) a period of recession
(c) a leader who is only after power
(d) a sovereign who will not go to war

5. In discussing a Christian Commonwealth, what does Hobbes have to say about Holy Scriptures?
(a) They are not good for making a commonwealth.
(b) They come from the sovereign.
(c) They were written on tablets of stone.
(d) They were written by different writers.

6. What is the punishment of exile?
(a) when a person is put in prison
(b) when a person's property is confiscated
(c) when a person is discredited and shamed
(d) when a person is banished from the commonwealth

7. How does Hobbes suggest the idea of philosophy began to grow?
(a) Philosophy became a part of public school curriculum.
(b) People had not heard about God.
(c) People even started small schools of philosophical thought.
(d) People wanted to feel self-important.

8. According to Hobbes, how does God declare His laws?
(a) by dreams and astrology
(b) by natural reason, revelation, and prophecy
(c) by tablets of stone and natural disasters
(d) by loud voices from the skys

9. What is the meaning of excommunication?
(a) becoming disassociated from other Christians
(b) forgetting how to communicate
(c) talking with a former spouse
(d) walking instead of riding

10. Why, according to Hobbes, is it necessary to believe God is Infinite?
(a) God is a concept and not a person.
(b) God will accept nothing less.
(c) The finite has an end and God does not.
(d) It is the only way to understand who God is.

11. What practices of the Roman Church does Hobbes take exception to?
(a) the canonization of saints, the procession of idols and holy images, and the use of wax candles
(b) Missionary efforts among the heathen
(c) Reading the Bible to the congregations
(d) Calling the worship service a mass

12. What does Hobbes call a crime?
(a) a sin which is intended whether committed or not
(b) a sin that is done in the darkness
(c) a sin which consists of doing what is forbidden by law
(d) a sin that obeys an unjust law

13. Unless an ecclesiastical is also a king, what can he not do?
(a) work miracles
(b) teach the Bible
(c) lead a church
(d) order obedience

14. Who cannot perform a miracle?
(a) a prophet of God
(b) a devil, angel, or other spirit
(c) a true believer in God
(d) an apostle of Christ

15. Why does Hobbes suggest popular figures could be a danger to the commonwealth?
(a) They know nothing about the workings of government.
(b) They have the power and charisma to move people in the wrong direction.
(c) The people will love them more than the sovereign.
(d) They are entertainers who only want to put on a show.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, according to Hobbes, is the first priority of the sovereign?

2. What does Hobbes say is the foundation for all articles of faith?

3. What are the people expected to do?

4. Why do God's miracles never go against the sovereign?

5. What does Hobbes identify as heathen teaching?

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