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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the ways in which, according to Hobbes, people can worship God?
(a) through prayer, giving thanks, sacrifices and oblations
(b) self flagilations and mortifications
(c) building great churches in the commonwealth
(d) animal sacrifices and giving of tithes

2. For what is it required to pay a certain price God is willing to accept?
(a) peaceful life
(b) unlimited abundance
(c) sovereignty
(d) redemption

3. What is one instance when a crime cannot be punished?
(a) the crime has not been discovered
(b) an act is claimed to be by order of the sovereign
(c) an act is committed before there was a law forbidding it
(d) a perpetrator is incapable of knowing right and wrong

4. What does Hobbes say only God knows?
(a) what happens to the soul of a person when he dies
(b) Whether is it necessary for a person to die
(c) where to find the written word of God
(d) how many countries there are in the world

5. Who is a person who speaks directly to God and is a predictor of the future according to Hobbes?
(a) a visionary
(b) a soothsayer
(c) a prophet
(d) a vizier

6. What causes the people of a nation to become very angry and pass on their anger to their children?
(a) a leader who travels a lot
(b) a leader who is only after power
(c) a sovereign who will not go to war
(d) a period of recession

7. What does Hobbes call an evil inflicted on a person who has usurped or forged his or her power?
(a) might makes right
(b) a vigilante form of government
(c) necessary punishment
(d) an act of hostility

8. What does Hobbes call the worship of images?
(a) illegal
(b) idolatry
(c) idiotic
(d) indecent

9. What practices of the Roman Church does Hobbes take exception to?
(a) Missionary efforts among the heathen
(b) the canonization of saints, the procession of idols and holy images, and the use of wax candles
(c) Calling the worship service a mass
(d) Reading the Bible to the congregations

10. What is the end result of worshiping?
(a) giving someone power
(b) hole in the knees of trousers
(c) mental exercise
(d) showing superiority

11. After Abraham, with whom did God renew the covenant?
(a) Pete, Paul, and Mary
(b) David, Solomon, and Herod
(c) Pharoah, Nebvucadnezzar, and Caesar
(d) Isaac, Jacob, and Moses

12. To what does Hobbes compare the dissolution of a commonwealth?
(a) an attack of the flu
(b) poor hygiene
(c) an intestine disorder
(d) cancer

13. Why does Hobbes suggest popular figures could be a danger to the commonwealth?
(a) They know nothing about the workings of government.
(b) They are entertainers who only want to put on a show.
(c) The people will love them more than the sovereign.
(d) They have the power and charisma to move people in the wrong direction.

14. When does Hobbes say there is no crime?
(a) if the sin is not identified as important
(b) if it is not detected, there is no crime
(c) if there is sin but no criminal intent, there is no crime
(d) if there is no civil law, there is no crime

15. If he so wishes, what is a king allowed to do?
(a) become the Pope
(b) to go to war with non-believers in the name of God
(c) to authorize mass executions of innocent people
(d) to authorize the New Testament into civil law

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hobbes say began the notion of demons and it spread to many cultures?

2. Who has responsibility for seeing that others are educated in the law?

3. What does Hobbes mean when he says something must be strange and uncommon so people can believe it is the true work of God?

4. Who does Hobbes identify as the first sovereign of the commonwealth of the faithful?

5. In addition to the Spirit of God, what other ethereal beings does Hobbes mention?

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