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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the punishment of exile?
(a) when a person is put in prison
(b) when a person's property is confiscated
(c) when a person is banished from the commonwealth
(d) when a person is discredited and shamed

2. Why, according to Hobbes, is it necessary to believe God is Infinite?
(a) God is a concept and not a person.
(b) It is the only way to understand who God is.
(c) God will accept nothing less.
(d) The finite has an end and God does not.

3. What does Hobbes say is a problem people have of understanding the Kingdom of Darkness?
(a) there is no information about it
(b) to speak about it is to die
(c) the misinterpretation of it in the Scripture
(d) no one talks about it

4. To what does Hobbes compare the dissolution of a commonwealth?
(a) an attack of the flu
(b) an intestine disorder
(c) cancer
(d) poor hygiene

5. What is impunity?
(a) punishment by the law
(b) exemption from the law
(c) inaccurate knowledge of the law
(d) persecution by the law

6. What example does Hobbes give as a crime that is not a crime?
(a) to steal to survive if all other means of getting food are used first
(b) to beat a wife who disobeys
(c) to kill a child born with a deformity
(d) to take back something that belonged first to you

7. How does Hobbes define obedience to the laws?
(a) not sinning, as well as being charitable and loving
(b) keeping clear of the officials
(c) making sure you do not know what the law is
(d) not doing anything that can be witnessed

8. What does Hobbes caution the English Parliament not to do?
(a) not to do away with the monarchy
(b) not to encourage rebellion amont the nobles
(c) not to ignore the will of the people
(d) not to copy the doctrines of other nations or of the Greeks and Romans

9. What does Hobbes describe as an external sign of God's special workings on their hearts so that afterwards they teach the Word of God?
(a) worship
(b) the Rapture
(c) the Holy spirit
(d) conversion

10. What does Hobbes say awaits people who do not believe in Christ or the Kingdom of God?
(a) an eternal death after judgment
(b) vanishing into nothing
(c) poverty and hard labor on earth
(d) reincarnation until they get it right

11. Why does Hobbes insist that the commonwealth comes first?
(a) Without the commonwealth there is no freedom of religion.
(b) One can see the commonwealth but cannot see God.
(c) God wants all people to obey the laws of their nation.
(d) The commonwealth may vote to forbid religion.

12. What does Hobbes say is the basis for a Christian Commonwealth?
(a) the principles of Christian politics
(b) eliminating all who do not believe in Christ
(c) putting priests and bishops in charge of government
(d) mandatory Bible reading in school

13. Who does Hobbes say can never be excommunicated?
(a) a judge
(b) an ecclesiastical
(c) a woman
(d) a sovereign

14. Why did the idea of demons take prominence?
(a) People could not explain certain shadows and mysterious lights.
(b) People could not explain natural disasters.
(c) People did not understand the process of sight, memory, imagination, and dreams.
(d) People did not want to take responsibility for their own actions.

15. What does Hobbes identify as heathen teaching?
(a) accepting on faith what you cannot see or know as a fact
(b) destroying all idols and religious icons
(c) demons, fairies, phantasms and mistaking consecration for conjuration
(d) believing in miracles

Short Answer Questions

1. In discussing a Christian Commonwealth, what does Hobbes have to say about Holy Scriptures?

2. What is one instance when a crime cannot be punished?

3. Why do few people ever hear the word of God to believe or reject it according to Hobbes?

4. What is the name of a place later called Hell?

5. What is the one exception to a defense of not knowing the law?

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