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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two forms of government need not worry about succession?
(a) neither a monarchy nor an anarchy
(b) neither a democracy nor an aristocracy
(c) neither a republic nor a dictatorship
(d) neither a communist nor an empire

2. Why does Hobbes contend that no sovereign can do wrong to anyone under his authority?
(a) The sovereign is led by God.
(b) They entered into the contract to create the sovereign.
(c) There is divine Right of Kings.
(d) The sovereign is exempt from making mistakes.

3. Why do people want to make a covenant and select sovereigns?
(a) to rid themselves of political uneasiness
(b) to allow for orderly disagreement
(c) to prevent having to relinquish freedoms
(d) to be like the other commonweaths around them

4. What, left uncontrolled, does Hobbes say can lead to misery and unhappiness?
(a) personality, education, and drive
(b) pride, sloth, and gluttany
(c) competition, harmful shyness, and vain glory
(d) hunger, alcohol, and hedonism

5. How does Hobbes classify the person or group of people who have someone speak for them?
(a) As dummies
(b) As actors
(c) As uneducated
(d) As helpless

6. What does Hobbes say is needed to protect people from danger?
(a) a choice of weapons
(b) strong churches
(c) a strong militia
(d) civil laws

7. What does the commonwealth need to successfully control the society?
(a) power over people to administer punishments
(b) important welfare programs to help the poor
(c) the cooperation of neighboring principalities
(d) ample money to maintain the economy

8. What does Hobbes say leads to competition among people?
(a) restless desire
(b) different interests
(c) religion
(d) different abilities

9. Why does Hobbes say that having friends, followers, and servants is the greatest power?
(a) With friends, followers, and servants one does not need to work.
(b) Having these, one does not need anything else.
(c) Having these, one does not need to go to war.
(d) Being liked and respected makes people good managers and motivators.

10. Where does Hobbes insist people go when they disagree?
(a) To a teacher
(b) To a priest
(c) To the boxing ring
(d) To a judge

11. What happens in an assembly that cannot happen with a monarch?
(a) An assembly wears whatever clothes they want.
(b) A monarch has to listen to the nobles.
(c) An assembly never has to come to a conclusion.
(d) A monarch cannot disagree with himself.

12. Why does Hobbes say the multitude cannot protest against the sovereign?
(a) They have no voice.
(b) They will destroy the commonwealth.
(c) They will be beheaded.
(d) They voluntarily entered into the covenant.

13. Why does Hobbes say that people attribute the unknown to ghosts, spirits, or other things that can never exist?
(a) They do not know how to think logically.
(b) They have experienced the supernatural.
(c) They believe in astrology.
(d) They have had experience with seances.

14. What does Hobbes call reasoning with oneself?
(a) Insanity
(b) Foolish
(c) Impossible
(d) Marking

15. What does Hobbes say are the three types of commonwealth?
(a) dictatorships, republics and anarchies
(b) monarchies, democracies and aristocracies
(c) common, formal and independent
(d) high, low and mediocre

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hobbes define a monarchy?

2. How does Hobbes identify political systems?

3. When does Hobbes suggest it is not logical to follow the Golden Rule?

4. How does Hobbes see the commonwealth?

5. How does Hobbes classify discourse that cannot be proven?

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