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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hobbes think of using metaphors?
(a) They are never understood.
(b) They cost too much.
(c) They are useful.
(d) They are improper.

2. What, left uncontrolled, does Hobbes say can lead to misery and unhappiness?
(a) personality, education, and drive
(b) pride, sloth, and gluttany
(c) hunger, alcohol, and hedonism
(d) competition, harmful shyness, and vain glory

3. How does Hobbes classify intellectual virtue?
(a) having a high IQ
(b) having natural innocence
(c) having natural wit or a quick imagination
(d) having insight into spiritual matters

4. What is Hobbes' idea about ownership of commodities in a commonwealth?
(a) Only native commodities belong to the sovereign.
(b) All commodities naturally belong to the sovereign.
(c) Nobody owns commodities in a commonwealth.
(d) People own what they work for.

5. How must a counselor speak?
(a) loudly so he can be heard at the back of the group
(b) with a lot of repetition so his points sink in
(c) angrily so that the group will fear him
(d) truthfully and concisely without using too many confusing and eloquent words

6. What needs to be given to the shy people?
(a) an economic bailout package
(b) encouragement to get out and attain what the others have
(c) large amounts of financial aid
(d) laws to prevent their abuse

7. What does Hobbes say people are either born with or develop?
(a) appetites and aversions
(b) fingers and toes
(c) personalities and names
(d) hair and fingernails

8. What option does Hobbes say everyone has?
(a) to talk or be quiet
(b) to live or die
(c) to work or play
(d) to live in misery or happiness

9. Why does Hobbes say it is natural for the mother to have dominion over children?
(a) They need children in case the husband dies.
(b) They have dominion over nothing else.
(c) They are naturals at discipline.
(d) It is not always known who the father is.

10. What does Hobbes say leads to competition among people?
(a) religion
(b) different abilities
(c) different interests
(d) restless desire

11. What does Hobbes identify as three basic human fears?
(a) fear of work, being social, and talking too much
(b) fear of snakes, spideers, and scorpions
(c) fear of the dark, the weather, and wild animals
(d) fear of being robbed, raped, or ousted from their homes

12. Which two forms of government need not worry about succession?
(a) neither a republic nor a dictatorship
(b) neither a communist nor an empire
(c) neither a democracy nor an aristocracy
(d) neither a monarchy nor an anarchy

13. Who does Hobbes insist is of the greatest value to a commonwealth?
(a) the minister
(b) the sovreign
(c) the banker
(d) the teacher

14. What can the commonwealth do to check bad behavior of its citizens?
(a) Put everyone into servitude.
(b) Put power limits on subjects of the nation.
(c) Provide everything for the subjects.
(d) Increase the quality of education.

15. How may a commonwealth be formed?
(a) the first is by election and the second is by popularity
(b) the first is by natural force or acquisition and the second is by mutual agreement.
(c) the first is by experience and the second is by heredity
(d) the first is by inheritance and the second is by accident

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a fundamental interest on the part of a counselor?

2. In his comparison of the commonwealth to the body, what does Hobbes identify as the role of the sovereign?

3. What does Hobbes call the blood flow of a commonwealth?

4. Why does Hobbes say that virtue is comparative?

5. Where can a monarch go for advice?

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