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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the second right of the sovereign?
(a) The sovereign cannot be forced to go to war.
(b) The sovereign may travel as often as necessary.
(c) The sovereign can name all successors.
(d) The sovereign cannot be forfeited.

2. What does Hobbes say is needed to protect people from danger?
(a) civil laws
(b) a choice of weapons
(c) strong churches
(d) a strong militia

3. What seems to be a contradiction in Hobbes' attitude toward protest?
(a) People can protest but they cannot organize.
(b) People can legally protest but they can only do it openly.
(c) People cannot protest but they can camgaign for change.
(d) People are legally able to protest a political system, but not against the sovereign.

4. How does Hobbes classify the person or group of people who have someone speak for them?
(a) As actors
(b) As uneducated
(c) As helpless
(d) As dummies

5. What is Hobbes' idea about self-protection in natural law?
(a) With people it is not necessary.
(b) In nature, every person has the right to protect his own life.
(c) It is not natural to protect oneself, it should be done by the commonwealth.
(d) Humans have a right to preemptive strikes.

6. What is the first right of a sovereign power?
(a) the right to remain in power
(b) the right to own slaves
(c) the right to live in a palace
(d) the right to keep changing the laws to its advantage

7. What does Hobbes say are the three types of commonwealth?
(a) common, formal and independent
(b) high, low and mediocre
(c) dictatorships, republics and anarchies
(d) monarchies, democracies and aristocracies

8. Why does Hobbes insist that the commonwealth is born out of human politics?
(a) It is established on the basis of the good of the soverign.
(b) It is established on scientific principles only.
(c) It is established on a basis of faith in God.
(d) It is established in obedience, laws, peace, charity and civil society

9. What is Hobbes' position on mothers and their children?
(a) The state owns all children.
(b) Mothers will abandon their children.
(c) Mothers have no rights to children.
(d) The mother is the natural owner of the children.

10. What does Hobbes identify as three basic human fears?
(a) fear of work, being social, and talking too much
(b) fear of snakes, spideers, and scorpions
(c) fear of being robbed, raped, or ousted from their homes
(d) fear of the dark, the weather, and wild animals

11. Why does Hobbes say that people attribute the unknown to ghosts, spirits, or other things that can never exist?
(a) They do not know how to think logically.
(b) They believe in astrology.
(c) They have had experience with seances.
(d) They have experienced the supernatural.

12. What two systems does Hobbes define within a commonwealth?
(a) open and closed
(b) democrat and republican
(c) private and political
(d) tyranny and ordinary

13. How does Hobbes classify a person who speaks for himself?
(a) As a diplomat
(b) As a boaster
(c) As an author
(d) As a politician

14. What example does Hobbes give as a meaningless combination of words?
(a) holy war
(b) gentle giant
(c) easy labor
(d) round square

15. How does Hobbes define liberty?
(a) the right to vote
(b) the first basic need
(c) the absence of opposition
(d) time off from work

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hobbes say a commonwealth is taken by acquisition?

2. What, left uncontrolled, does Hobbes say can lead to misery and unhappiness?

3. When does Hobbes suggest it is not logical to follow the Golden Rule?

4. What kinds of questions does Hobbes say people have little interest in?

5. What does the commonwealth need to successfully control the society?

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