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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4 Chapter 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What example does Hobbes give to support his idea that just banding together is not enough for protection?
(a) Two families joined are not powerful enough to combat three families.
(b) A hundred rabbits can scare a hunter.
(c) A flock of birds cannot defeat the cat.
(d) Twenty sheep cannot fight off a pack of wolves.

2. What does Hobbes say is needed to protect people from danger?
(a) strong churches
(b) civil laws
(c) a choice of weapons
(d) a strong militia

3. What does Hobbes call an evil inflicted on a person who has usurped or forged his or her power?
(a) might makes right
(b) necessary punishment
(c) a vigilante form of government
(d) an act of hostility

4. Who does Hobbes insist is of the greatest value to a commonwealth?
(a) the minister
(b) the banker
(c) the teacher
(d) the sovreign

5. What does Hobbes identify as three basic human fears?
(a) fear of snakes, spideers, and scorpions
(b) fear of work, being social, and talking too much
(c) fear of being robbed, raped, or ousted from their homes
(d) fear of the dark, the weather, and wild animals

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hobbes say is a hostile and illegal act by the authority?

2. What is Hobbes' position on mothers and their children?

3. What does Hobbes say a person is doing when he stops defending himself?

4. Why does Hobbes insist that the commonwealth is born out of human politics?

5. What two factors does Hobbes believe control mental discourse?

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