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1. What type of book is LEVIATHAN?
(a) A book of political philosophy
(b) A book about large fish
(c) A science fiction book
(d) A book about comparative religion

2. How does Hobbes see the commonwealth?
(a) Like a steam engine
(b) Like an army
(c) Like a church
(d) Like an artificial man

3. How does Hobbes describe his compound imagination?
(a) Like seeing a man and a horse and imagining a centaur
(b) Like seeing an appl and an orange and imagining a melon
(c) Like seeing a carriage and a house and imagining a train
(d) Like seeing a dog and a cat and imagining a kangaroo

4. What does Hobbes say about controlling thoughts?
(a) People learn to do it at an early age.
(b) People cannot always do it.
(c) Thought should not be controlled.
(d) The commonwealth controls thoughts.

5. What two factors does Hobbes believe control mental discourse?
(a) Love and hate
(b) Education and experience
(c) Desire and fear
(d) Vocabulary and definitions

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