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Watch a Movie about Political Self-Preservation

Get a copy of LOGAN'S RUN or BLADE RUNNER and watch it in class followed by a discussion of Hobbes' asserting the right to self-preservation.

Elect a Sovereign

From the class, elect a sovereign who will make up laws. The resulting debates should be very interesting.

Discuss Dreams

Describe a dream you had and discuss it in class whether it was, as Hobbes states it, an absurdity

Identify some Compound Imagination from Today

Recalling Hobbes' idea of how a centaur was first imagined, find other compound images from today [Hint: characters from Star Trek, etc.]

Name that Thing

One student will begin to describe some object, person, or place. As the description progresses, the class will try to guess what it is.

The Definitions Game

Hobbes speaks about the importance of exactness through definitions. The teacher or a student will read definitions...

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