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Gene Yang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dennis learn about at school from his classmates?
(a) The way to slide a knife in the coin slot to get money for the game.
(b) The Nintendo Entertainment System.
(c) The newest arcade games to come out.
(d) The way to short the electronics to get free games.

2. What does Dennis say to his ma about his studies after he talks to Dr. Rodriguez?
(a) He has all "D's".
(b) He made the Dean's list.
(c) They are terrible.
(d) They are going well.

3. Where is one place Dennis leaves hints about what he wants?
(a) His dad's coffee cup.
(b) On the windshield of the car.
(c) On the bathroom mirror.
(d) His dog's collar.

4. When does Dennis say all his problems started?
(a) When he decided to change majors.
(b) When his mother remarries.
(c) When his father died.
(d) During freshman orientation week.

5. What does Dennis often do after school?
(a) Stops by the convenience store.
(b) Stays after for baseball practice.
(c) Runs errands for his father at his father's business.
(d) Takes care of his younger siblings.

6. What does Dennis overhear his mother say she is worried about?
(a) He is moping around all the time.
(b) He has not opened the chemistry set.
(c) He is not speaking to his father.
(d) He has not signed up for any higher level academic courses the next year.

7. Where does Dennis find the game?
(a) In the lobby of a Chinese restaurant.
(b) In a pizza parlor.
(c) At an arcade parlour.
(d) At his friend's home.

8. Why does Dennis start dropping hints about what he wants?
(a) His birthday is coming.
(b) Christmas is coming.
(c) His wealthy uncle is visiting.
(d) His grandparents are visiting.

9. What is the result of Dennis' poor performance at college?
(a) He's become very depressed.
(b) He's been placed on academic probation.
(c) He's dropped out of college.
(d) He's been taking several tongue lashings from his mother.

10. What video game does the convenience store install?
(a) Centipede.
(b) Galaga.
(c) Pac-Man.
(d) Super Mario Brothers.

11. Because of what does Dennis have to face consequences?
(a) Partying too much.
(b) Writing insolent letters to the editor.
(c) Not having his priorities straight.
(d) Doing too much volunteer work.

12. What does Dennis delay because he is looking at the video game?
(a) Doing his homework.
(b) Going to sleep.
(c) Eating.
(d) A game of tennis.

13. Where is another place Dennis leaves messages?
(a) Under his dad's pillow.
(b) On the front door clip.
(c) Hidden in the cookie jar.
(d) On family photos hanging on the wall.

14. Who was Dennis with when he noticed his first arcade video game?
(a) His grandparents.
(b) His brother.
(c) He was alone.
(d) His parents.

15. What does Dennis reluctantly do?
(a) Opens his chemistry set.
(b) Signs up for two advanced-level academic classes.
(c) Take his new puppy to obedience class.
(d) Tries out for the tennis team.

Short Answer Questions

1. What grade is Dennis in when a convenience store installs a video game near his home?

2. What does Dennis stare at as he and the family are leaving the restaurant?

3. What does Dennis say his teacher accidentally did when Dennis was in kindergarten?

4. What is the topic of one of the notes Dennis' father leaves him?

5. How often is Dennis supposed to call his ma?

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