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Gene Yang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dennis' friend call Dennis?
(a) The Spiderman of video games.
(b) The Good Will Hunting of video games.
(c) Jack the Ripper of video games.
(d) The hulk of video games.

2. What video game does the convenience store install?
(a) Super Mario Brothers.
(b) Pac-Man.
(c) Galaga.
(d) Centipede.

3. How long does it eventually take Dennis to get to class?
(a) 45 minutes.
(b) 1 hour.
(c) 20 minutes.
(d) Several hours.

4. What does Dennis wonder if it is a stage of grieving?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Going nuts.
(c) Eating lots of junk food.
(d) Drinking beer.

5. For what does Dennis' mother think money should not be used?
(a) Frivolous pursuits.
(b) To make a person happy or accepted.
(c) Non-essentials except when they have a little extra money.
(d) Fund the government's wars.

6. What do the angels say Dennis will do?
(a) Help his mother.
(b) Invent the most popular video game of all time.
(c) Go to law school.
(d) Attend medical college.

7. Why does Dennis' friend give Dennis a hard time?
(a) Because a girl the friend likes is flirting with Dennis.
(b) Because Dennis is losing for the third time that day.
(c) Because the friend is doing well in their game and Dennis wants to leave.
(d) Because Dennis is tilting.

8. What does Dennis think about when he is with his family after first encountering his first video arcade game?
(a) His upcoming tennis tryouts.
(b) The game.
(c) His upcoming basketball tryouts.
(d) How to get his father to buy him one of the games.

9. What does Dennis say he is just about to do concerning his academics?
(a) Change his major.
(b) Get some tutoring.
(c) Round a corner.
(d) Sign up for less classes.

10. Why is Dennis excited on the morning when he goes to open his presents?
(a) His grandparents have suddenly arrived with a square package.
(b) He can hear scratching in a box and thinks it's the puppy he asked for.
(c) There is a square package that he thinks is a Nintendo.
(d) His wealthy uncle has suddenly arrived with a square package.

11. What is the topic of one of the notes Dennis' father leaves him?
(a) Why video games are unhealthy.
(b) How to please one's parents.
(c) How to housebreak a puppy.
(d) How to get into college.

12. What does Dennis do as he is moving the joystick on the arcade game even though he has no money?
(a) Challenges other boys in the hopes they will pay for a game for him.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Swears he will own the machine someday.
(d) Makes sound effects.

13. By whom does Takeem say Dennis' brain seems to have been made?
(a) An angel.
(b) Nintendo.
(c) Aliens.
(d) The devil.

14. Where is one place Dennis leaves hints about what he wants?
(a) His dog's collar.
(b) His dad's coffee cup.
(c) On the bathroom mirror.
(d) On the windshield of the car.

15. When does Dennis say all his problems started?
(a) When his father died.
(b) During freshman orientation week.
(c) When his mother remarries.
(d) When he decided to change majors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dennis dream after his first encounter with a video arcade game?

2. Why does Dennis' father "put his foot down"?

3. What does Dennis' mother say about her husband's working?

4. What does Dr. Rodriguez say Dennis has had plenty of time to do?

5. What is the result of Dennis' poor performance at college?

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