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Gene Yang
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dennis go after hanging up with his ma?
(a) A Korean restaurant.
(b) A bar.
(c) The arcade.
(d) The library.

2. How did Dennis' companion(s) react when he encountered his first video arcade game?
(a) Dennis' companion(s) got hooked on the game also.
(b) Dennis was alone.
(c) Dennis' companion(s) kept trying to get him away from the game.
(d) Dennis' companion(s) enjoyed watching him play but were uninterested.

3. What is Hades?
(a) The name of the arcade where Dennis plays.
(b) A place of beauty and peace.
(c) A freaky bar.
(d) Another name for hell.

4. Why does Dennis' father "put his foot down"?
(a) To make Dennis get his homework done.
(b) To make Dennis apologize to his mother for his tardiness.
(c) To make Dennis go inside the restaurant and eat.
(d) To make Dennis show his younger brother how to play the video arcade game.

5. What does Dennis often do after school?
(a) Runs errands for his father at his father's business.
(b) Takes care of his younger siblings.
(c) Stops by the convenience store.
(d) Stays after for baseball practice.

6. Why does Dennis take a detour to class after first passing the statue in front of the church?
(a) He feels guilty.
(b) He is creeped out.
(c) He is angry at the statue.
(d) He is too tempted to go to the arcade.

7. What is Dennis' response to his first video game encounter?
(a) Thought it was childish.
(b) Disinterest.
(c) Thought it'd be too difficult to play.
(d) Enchanted.

8. Who does Dennis say he is happy to see?
(a) His pa's face.
(b) His girlfriend.
(c) His ma.
(d) Takeem.

9. What does Dennis wonder if it is a stage of grieving?
(a) Going nuts.
(b) Eating lots of junk food.
(c) Drinking beer.
(d) Sleeping.

10. What is Dennis' response when he is touched?
(a) He could tell there was something weird about being touched.
(b) He tells the boy to leave him alone.
(c) He tells the boy to run out of the place as quickly as possilbe.
(d) He breaks out in a sweat.

11. What does the statue say when Dennis asks it for help?
(a) Call your mother.
(b) Go home.
(c) Find your path.
(d) Study hard.

12. What is the result of Dennis' poor performance at college?
(a) He's become very depressed.
(b) He's been placed on academic probation.
(c) He's been taking several tongue lashings from his mother.
(d) He's dropped out of college.

13. Where is another place Dennis leaves messages?
(a) Hidden in the cookie jar.
(b) Under his dad's pillow.
(c) On family photos hanging on the wall.
(d) On the front door clip.

14. What does Dennis demand of his father?
(a) An allowance.
(b) An explanation about his Christmas present.
(c) A way to earn some money.
(d) An explanation about his birthday present.

15. Why does Dennis' friend give Dennis a hard time?
(a) Because Dennis is tilting.
(b) Because Dennis is losing for the third time that day.
(c) Because the friend is doing well in their game and Dennis wants to leave.
(d) Because a girl the friend likes is flirting with Dennis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Dennis excited on the morning when he goes to open his presents?

2. What video game does the convenience store install?

3. What does Dr. Rodriguez say Dennis has had plenty of time to do?

4. Who does Takeem say he is in relation to who he says Dennis is?

5. What does Dennis say to his ma about his studies after he talks to Dr. Rodriguez?

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