Level Up Short Essay - Answer Key

Gene Yang
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1. Where and what is the first video game Dennis Ouyang ever saw?

The first arcade video game that Dennis Ouyang ever saw was an antiquated Pac-Mac game that was coin-operated. He discovered the game in the lobby of a Chinese restaurant near his home.

2. How does Dennis Ouyang react to the first video game he sees?

Dennis is immediately distracted by the arcade game. He looked at the screen and the joystick and was immediately enchanted.

3. What occupies Dennis' mind while they are in the restaurant?

The entire time the family is in the restaurant, all Dennis thinks about is Pac-Man. As the waiter takes the family's orders, Dennis envisions Pac-Man chasing and eating the dots before him. The whole time they eat their dinner, it is the same thing--Dennis can only think of Pac-Man.

4. How are Dennis' dreams changed from the night after seeing the video game?

The night after seeing the video game, Dennis dreams in pixels and from then on, he dreams in pixels.

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