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Gene Yang
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Level 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dennis say his teacher accidentally did when Dennis was in kindergarten?
(a) Tear up Dennis' drawing.
(b) Trip and break her wrist.
(c) Cause the whole school to lose power.
(d) Cut off her finger.

2. What does Dr. Rodriguez say will not help Dennis' case?
(a) Writing his congressman.
(b) Saying mean things about his teachers.
(c) Carrying a pocket video game everywhere.
(d) Harassing the Dean.

3. What does Dennis overhear his mother say she is worried about?
(a) He is moping around all the time.
(b) He is not speaking to his father.
(c) He has not opened the chemistry set.
(d) He has not signed up for any higher level academic courses the next year.

4. What do the angels admit?
(a) They were not sent by Dennnis' father.
(b) They are not angels.
(c) They do not care if Dennis leaves medical school.
(d) They are not ghosts.

5. Why does Dennis' father "put his foot down"?
(a) To make Dennis apologize to his mother for his tardiness.
(b) To make Dennis go inside the restaurant and eat.
(c) To make Dennis show his younger brother how to play the video arcade game.
(d) To make Dennis get his homework done.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the topic of one of the notes Dennis' father leaves him?

2. What is the first arcade game Dennis Ouyang ever saw?

3. What does Dennis reluctantly do?

4. What do the angels remind Dennis that they made for him?

5. What does Dennis stare at as he and the family are leaving the restaurant?

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