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Gene Yang
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Level Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dennis take a detour to class after first passing the statue in front of the church?
(a) He feels guilty.
(b) He is creeped out.
(c) He is too tempted to go to the arcade.
(d) He is angry at the statue.

2. What is nauseating to Dennis?
(a) The cafeteria's lack of cleanliness.
(b) The cafeteria's salads.
(c) A worm he sees on his jello.
(d) The idea of collecting a sample.

3. What does Dennis say he is just about to do concerning his academics?
(a) Get some tutoring.
(b) Round a corner.
(c) Change his major.
(d) Sign up for less classes.

4. What does Dr. Rodriguez say the university has done too many times?
(a) Waived his fees.
(b) Given him money for his tuition.
(c) Bent the rules.
(d) Counseled Dennis.

5. What does Dennis' mother suggest to her husband?
(a) They ask Dennis to make something with the chemistry set.
(b) They let him visit his grandparents for a few days.
(c) They get the Nintendo for his birthday.
(d) They take him to the science museum so he'll feel enthusiastic about the chemistry set.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Dennis' friends reassure him?

2. What does Dennis learn about at school from his classmates?

3. What does Dr. Rodriguez say Dennis has had plenty of time to do?

4. When are the students to bring in the samples?

5. What does Dr. Rodriguez say will not help Dennis' case?

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