Level Up Character Descriptions

Gene Yang
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Dennis Ouyang

An eight-year-old boy at the opening of the novel who becomes enchanted with video games.

Mr. Ouyang

This character gives Dennis receives a chemistry set for Christmas, which will help prepare Dennis for a career as a physician.

Mrs. Ouyang

This character believes it would be a great honor to his father if Dennis goes to medical school.

Ishap Narang

This character comes from a family with a long line of surgeons.

Cathleen Rhee

Her father's cleaners is robbed when she is young and she is shot during the robbery.

Hector Martinez

This character flunks out at Harvard University as an undergraduate.

The Angels

These visit Dennis to deliver the news that it was his destiny to become a gastroenterologist.

Dr. Rodriguez

The dean of Dennis' undergraduate college.


This character is living the lifestyle to which Dennis aspired.

Dennis' Grandfather

Dennis' father makes a promise...

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