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Lesson 1 (from Section 1)


Before beginning a study of Rilke's letters, it is important for students to know who Rilke is.

The objective of this lesson is to become familiar with the life and work of Rainer Maria Rilke.


(1) White Board Discussion: Using the biographical information presented on Rilke in the book, present a lecture outlining Rilke's biography, career, writing style, and particularly his life events and wanderings during the time of his correspondence with the young poet. Write these lecture bullets on a whiteboard. Ask the class what they know about Rilke and the time and culture in which he is living. He is one of the most famous German poets, and is known throughout the world for his writings on love and life.

(2) Class Discussion: As a class, read selected Rilke poems. Have various students read the poems aloud. After several poems have been examined, hold a...

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