Letters to a Young Poet Character Descriptions

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The Young Poet.

This individual is trying to improve his writing by seeking the advice of another writer.

Rainer Maria Rilke.

This individual believes that solitude is the key to personal and artistic development.

Professor Horacek.

This individual is a mutual acquaintance in the book.

Jens Peter Jacobsen.

The older poet in this book has this writer's work accessible to him at all times.

Richard Dehmel.

According to the book, this writer's work should not be imitated.

Auguste Rodin.

The older poet in this book cites this artist as one of his most influential inspirations.


People have become distant from this entity due to a lack of courage.


This group of individuals undervalues people.


This group of individuals has an advanced sense of humanity.

The Self.

This entity is the source of creativity and true understanding.

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