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Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does White give his agent for putting the book, Charlotte's Web, aside for a while?

2. What type of sound do the suggested songs for "Charlotte's Web" have in White's opinion?

3. What does White write to his granddaughter about journalism?

4. Which John Steinbeck book was the result of an assignment for Holiday magazine that White could not complete?

5. Which Mozart piece does White recommend for the "Charlotte's Web" movie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is White's problem with taxi cab doors in his 1950 memo to Harold Ross?

2. How does White describe the beginning days of the New Yorker to an author that is researching a book?

3. What changes does White experience after Katharine passes away?

4. What complications does White have with his vision in 1982, and how many years does he provide newsbreaks for the New Yorker before retiring?

5. What illnesses does Katharine battle between 1960 and 1965, and how does she adjust her work schedule?

6. How does Hanna-Barbera acquire the rights to produce the animated motion picture version of "Charlotte's Web"?

7. How does White's response to Cathy Durham generate controversy, and what solution does his publisher implement?

8. What joke does White make to his brother, Stanley, before having a hernia operation?

9. What are the elements included in the Philadelphia Orchestra's children's concert of "The Trumpet of the Swan" in 1972?

10. Why does White write to Maine Sen. Margaret Chase Smith?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the key points about White's experiences at Cornell University. Provide examples of his knowledge and practice of journalism, the associations he had while at college, and what those connections led to later in his life.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze White's response to a letter by Cathy Durham about why he has not written another children's book. Include why he might have replied that way, the response of Cathy's librarian, and the solution that White's publisher develops for preventing any future issues.

Essay Topic 3

Describe White's trip to Washington, including the events that lead up to it, the reasons he is hired by the Department of Facts and Figures, the difference between his original responsibility with his eventual role in the pamphlet, and his opinions of the meetings and process there. Also, provide an analysis of White's views on the war and the draft that he discusses in the letters he writes when he returns from Washington.

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