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Short Answer Questions

1. In White's opinion, how different is the New Yorker in the 1950s?

2. What is the subject of the article that White's granddaughter, Martha, writes?

3. How many copies of "The Elements of Style" have been sold?

4. In 1956, why is Katharine still at the New Yorker?

5. When does a new printing for "Charlotte's Web" begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What feedback and advice does White offer to James Thurber for the story,"The Thirteen Clocks"?

2. Why does White write to Maine Sen. Margaret Chase Smith?

3. What journalistic advice does White give to his granddaughter in 1975?

4. How is Katharine's legacy preserved?

5. What is the subject of the exchanged letters between White and President Richard Nixon in July, 1969?

6. How does White describe the beginning days of the New Yorker to an author that is researching a book?

7. What are the elements included in the Philadelphia Orchestra's children's concert of "The Trumpet of the Swan" in 1972?

8. What joke does White make to his brother, Stanley, before having a hernia operation?

9. What complications does White have with his vision in 1982, and how many years does he provide newsbreaks for the New Yorker before retiring?

10. How does White explain the process of writing a book to fourth-graders of Columbus, Ohio?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain three examples of the office memos that White would write to other writers and editors at the New Yorker. For each example, describe what White's intentions are and the writing techniques he uses to achieve them.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout his career, White has declined various offers for jobs, associations, and interviews. Choose three examples of offers that White declines, and explain the situations for each of them along with the reasons why White might have turned those offers down.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the New Yorker magazine in the 1950s with the way it was in the 1920s. Use White's letter to his brother, Stanley, as a reference for his concern about the changes taking place at the magazine. Also, include White's description of the original goal of the New Yorker and his experiences while working there as he writes to an author that is researching a book.

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