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Short Answer Questions

1. What question does White tell Thurber he would like to ask President Roosevelt?

2. What year does White create the cartoon featuring a caption that references the "most beautiful decision" of his life?

3. Where is the Whites' farm located?

4. How long does White live with his parents after returning from his world travels?

5. Which Supreme Court Justice does White reference in his letters during his time in Washington?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does White discover the New Yorker?

2. How does White discuss his interest in movies with Stanley in a March, 1937 letter?

3. What unscheduled vacation does White take from the New Yorker and how does he inform them of his absence?

4. What causes White to write a seething letter to the New York Herald Tribune?

5. Why did White first begin writing during his childhood?

6. How does White begin writing for the New Yorker, and what does he do once his position becomes permanent?

7. As provided in his letters, what are some of White's opinions of the war and drafting?

8. What is the purpose of White's trip with Howard Cushman, and where do they go?

9. What does White do after he returns from his road trip?

10. How does White gain confidence as a writer while in college, and what acquaintances does he make there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout his career, White has declined various offers for jobs, associations, and interviews. Choose three examples of offers that White declines, and explain the situations for each of them along with the reasons why White might have turned those offers down.

Essay Topic 2

White and Howard Cushman travel across the country in 1922 to learn about writing and life.

1) Describe Howard Cushman, his situation, and why he wants to embark on a cross country trip.

2) Explain White's motivation for the trip and what he hopes to accomplish.

3) Analyze White's job with the Seattle Times and his relationship with Alice Burchfield during the time of his trip.

Essay Topic 3

White's published criticism of Alexander Wollcott is documented by their letters in the New Yorker.

1) Describe who Alexander Wollcott is, the letter that he writes, and why White finds it offensive.

2) Explain White's response to Wollcott's letter and why it is featured in the New Yorker.

3) Analyze why White decides to write a second letter, the point of the letter, and whether or not he is serious in his criticism or using humor to deliver the point.

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