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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many corrections does White send to Scott Elledge for the first part of his biography?
(a) Seventy three.
(b) Eighty four.
(c) Fifty three.
(d) Twenty four.

2. In 1956, why is Katharine still at the New Yorker?
(a) Because she enjoys the work.
(b) Because White is there.
(c) Because of the income she is generating.
(d) Because of the death of Gus Lobrano.

3. Where in Florida do the Whites travel to in 1963?
(a) Sarasota.
(b) West Palm Beach.
(c) Tampa.
(d) Miami.

4. How does Cathy Durham's librarian respond to White's letter to Cathy?
(a) She is appreciative.
(b) She is offended.
(c) She is amused.
(d) She is confused.

5. Which station does White politely decline an interview with in 1978?
(a) PBS.
(b) ABC.
(c) NBC.
(d) CBS.

6. Why is Katharine hospitalized in 1952?
(a) An appendix infection.
(b) A fever.
(c) Pneumonia.
(d) A liver infection.

7. In a response to a student's letter, what does White say is the best way to learn about a writer?
(a) To talk to people he knows.
(b) To study his life.
(c) To read his words.
(d) To talk to him.

8. When does White respond to a letter by Cathy Durham?
(a) September, 1962.
(b) February, 1962.
(c) March, 1961.
(d) July, 1961.

9. How many major surgeries does Katharine have between 1966 and 1970?
(a) Five.
(b) Nine.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Seven.

10. What does White encourage a college student to get in order to inspire her to write?
(a) A dictionary.
(b) A wide assortment of pens.
(c) An electric typewriter.
(d) A solid supply of paper.

11. Which piece of Charlotte's advice does White give to his publisher regarding the revisions on the illustrations for the book?
(a) Never hurry and never worry.
(b) Humble has two meanings. It means "not proud" and "close to the ground."
(c) Seven is a lucky number.
(d) Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another.

12. In a letter to Stanley, how often does White say he puts his head in traction?
(a) Five minutes, once a day.
(b) Ten minutes, once a week.
(c) Ten minutes, several times a day.
(d) Five minutes, several times a week.

13. How many copies of "The Elements of Style" have been sold?
(a) More than ten million copies.
(b) Four million copies.
(c) Eight million copies.
(d) Ten million copies.

14. How many letters of condolence does White receive after Katharine's passing?
(a) Two hundred.
(b) Over five hundred.
(c) Three hundred.
(d) Four hundred.

15. Which colleges are included in the list that White mentions as receiving portions of Katharine's books?
(a) Cornell, Yale, and Harvard.
(b) Cornell and Yale.
(c) Cornell and Harvard.
(d) Yale and Harvard.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does White write to President Nixon?

2. What does White caution Thurber about his story in the memo?

3. When does White write a letter to his stepson, Roger, and his wife, Carol?

4. What does the Dirksen amendment involve?

5. What response does White offer to a confused student at Newton High School?

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