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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For which newspaper is White a campus reporter?
(a) Cornell Post.
(b) Cornell Times.
(c) Cornell Daily News.
(d) Cornell Daily Sun.

2. What does White befriend while vacationing in a small shack?
(a) A spider.
(b) A ladybug.
(c) A cricket.
(d) A grasshopper.

3. Which Kentucky newspaper publishes White's sonnet about a race's winning horse?
(a) The Louisville Herald.
(b) The Lexington Sun.
(c) The Louisville Times.
(d) The Lexington Gazette.

4. How does the New York Herald Tribune refer to White in their response to his criticism?
(a) A committee of ignorance.
(b) A committee of misinformation.
(c) A committee of few.
(d) A committee of one.

5. What concern does White have about additional editions of "Stuart Little"?
(a) That they will be unedited.
(b) That they will have an alternate ending.
(c) That they will include an extra chapter.
(d) That the foreign languages will be authentic.

6. When does White marry Katharine Angell?
(a) 1927.
(b) 1929.
(c) 1926.
(d) 1928.

7. How does White describe Adolph Ochs, publisher of the New York Times?
(a) Interested, but not interesting.
(b) Interesting, but not interested.
(c) Neither interesting nor interested.
(d) Both interested and interesting.

8. What phrase does White use to describe the office he and James Thurber share?
(a) A sort of elongated closet.
(b) An exaggerated spare room.
(c) A sort of expanded cubicle.
(d) A magnified coatroom.

9. What comparison does White use to illustrate his opinion of the draft in a 1942 letter to Harold Ross?
(a) The entertainment industry.
(b) The legal profession.
(c) The medical profession.
(d) The labor unions.

10. When does White begin living with three other Cornell graduates?
(a) November, 1926.
(b) September, 1924.
(c) November, 1925.
(d) September, 1927.

11. How many children does Katharine have when she and White are married?
(a) None.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

12. What idea does White speak against while in Washington?
(a) That writing can be done by committee.
(b) That writing can be done under pressure.
(c) That writing can be done without humor.
(d) That writing can be done without research.

13. What job does White have while living with his parents in New York?
(a) Teaching.
(b) Painting.
(c) Advertising.
(d) Sales.

14. What label does the New York Herald Tribune give to White while responding to his criticism of their editorial?
(a) A questionable element of society.
(b) A controversial element of society.
(c) A naive element of society.
(d) A dangerous element of society.

15. When does White write to Katharine about his separation from the New Yorker?
(a) July, 1937.
(b) July, 1938.
(c) May, 1937.
(d) May, 1938.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not included in the list of purchases White reports to his parents in a letter?

2. What possible excuse does White provide for the New Yorker's ignorance in his humorous letter of outrage in 1945?

3. What reminder does White make about the agreement with communism?

4. How much are White and Cushman offered by the Buffalo Times for their daily column?

5. In his January, 1942 letter to Katharine, how does White describe his meeting with the assembled team in Washington?

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