Letters of E. B. White Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did White first begin writing during his childhood?

White describes the nervousness and anxiety that he experiences during his childhood. In order to collect his thoughts and lessen the uneasiness, he began writing.

2. Where were White's parents from and what is their background?

White's mother and father were both from Brooklyn. His mother is of Scottish background, and his father has a music business, and could afford a comfortable life for the family.

3. What does White write about his brother, Stanley, and his sister, Lillian?

Stanley is White's favorite sibling who taught him how to read, the harmonic circle, and the principles of physics. Lillian, the only one of his sisters to attended college, helped White to learn about the social graces, and eventually married, making her name, Lillian Illian.

4. How does White describe kindergarten and high school?

White did not like kindergarten at all and he describes the way he resisted it. High school was a learning experience for him as he discovered many things, including girls, and the innocence of unchallenged love.

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