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Mount Vernon, N.Y.

This is White's childhood home, a quiet, green suburb where his parents remain until their deaths.

Cornell University

This is the college that White attends, forming friendships with other students--like Gus Lobrano and Howard Cushman--that last a lifetime, and developing a warm relationship with instructor, William Strunk, Jr.


This is where White lands a job as a reporter during his road trip with Cushman, giving him his first professional experience in the newspaper business.


This is the Model T Ford roadster that White purchases for $400, which carries him and Howard Cushman around the country after their graduation from Cornell.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

White was chosen by President Lyndon Johnson as a recipient of this award in 1964, but because of his reticence to make public appearances, the honor was bestowed on him by Maine Sen. Edmund Muskie at the home of a...

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