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Lesson 1 (from Mount Vernon, 1908-1917)


Mount Vernon, 1908-1917

In the beginning of the book, E.B. White prefaces his letters with an autobiography, explaining his background and life from ages nine to eighteen. This lesson is about his family's history, and the lessons that White learned while growing up about life and love.


1) Class Discussion: Where are White's parents originally from? What is significant about his grandfather's work and the recognition he received for it? How did his father begin establishing himself in the music business? What kind of lifestyle did White have while growing up?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes to write down 3 things that White learned while growing up in Mount Vernon. Afterward, talk about the answers and the lessons that made an impression on White.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: How did White approach the idea of going to school? What was it about school...

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