Letters of E. B. White Character Descriptions

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Katherine White - This person is the spouse of the author, who works as a fiction editor for the New Yorker, continuing to commute by train to New York City from Maine after they buy a farm in Brooklin, and eventually producing copy for the magazine by mail.

Stanley Hart White - This person is the author's older sibling, a hero in youth and a close friend throughout life, who lives in Chicago and receives many lengthy letters about the author's life.

Howard Cushman - This person is one of the author's closest pals from Cornell University who, in 1922, joins the author on a cross country trip in a Model T Roadster.

James Thurber - This blind cartoonist/writer shares a small office with the author at the New Yorker and they write the satirical book, "Is Sex Necessary?" as a collaboration.

Harold Ross - This is...

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