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Mount Vernon, 1908-1917

• E.B. White provides an autobiography of his childhood that includes his introduction to writing at an early age.
• White's parents and siblings are described, as well as their influence in his life.

Cornell and the Open Road: 1917-1925

• White builds up his journalistic credentials at Cornell and makes some important friendships.
• After graduating from college, White and Howard Cushman embark on a cross country adventure.

The New Yorker—Early Days 1926-1928

• White discovers the New Yorker and begins writing poetry, newsbreaks, and other items for the unique magazine.
• Disappearing unexpectedly from the New Yorker, White informs Harold Ross of his vacation in a small shack in Maine.

The Most Beautiful Decision, 1929-1930

• After her initial reservations about their relationship, White and Katharine are married.
• Following a description of the wedding, White uses his cleverness and writing skill to show Katharine how important she is...

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