Objects & Places from Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Elinore Pruitt Stewart
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Elinore was a cook here before she moved to Wyoming.


The location of Elinore and Mr. Stewart's ranch.

Burnt Fork

The nearest town to Elinore in Wyoming.

Mr. Stewart's Home

Where Elinore came to live after moving from her home adjacent to Mr. Stewart's.

The Countryside

Elinore is often effusive about the beauties of this place in Wyoming.

Hard Work

Elinore is a fan of this, finding it very rewarding.


The process of developing land that under United States' law allowed those who developed the land to come to own it.


Elinore organizes this event for herself as well as for several others.

Elinore's Claim

The legal right that Elinore pursued that would help her acquire her own homestead.

Camping Materials

These are often a vital part of travel in Wyoming for Elinore and her neighbors, friends, family and acquaintances.


Due to the...

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