Letters of a Woman Homesteader Fun Activities

Elinore Pruitt Stewart
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Wyoming Tourism

Research the travel and tourism information about a region of Wyoming that you would like to visit and plan a week-long trip to the area to see the country where the homesteaders might have lived.

A Pioneer Meal

Do some research to learn what a typical pioneer meal consisted of. If you have the appropriate facilities and products, create the meal in school. If not, assign a food item to students who are willing to prepare the food at home and share with the class.

Surely You Don't Expect Me to Live in That!

Do some research on the homes of the early homesteaders and create a storyboard of dugouts, soddys and frame houses to share with the class.

Write a Movie Script

Write a movie script for an abridged version of the book.

Pioneer Music

Research the music of the Wyoming homesteaders and if you...

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