Letters of a Woman Homesteader Character Descriptions

Elinore Pruitt Stewart
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Elinore Rupert Stewart

Born in Arkansas in 1876, she grew up in the Indian Territory in Oklahoma, and when she was fourteen both of her parents died and she became responsible for her eight young brothers and sisters.

Clyde Stewart

His early letters mock his thick Scottish accent and while the barbs continue in later years, they become gentler and more endearing with time.

Jerrine Rupert Stewart

Elinore's first child with her first husband who begins to write Mrs. Coney letters towards the end of the book.

Mrs. Coney

Elinore's former employer and the addressee of all the letters in the book.

Mrs. Louderer

A local woman who becomes Elinore's good friend and co-conspirator in their many organized trips and good deeds in the community.

Mrs. O'Shaughnessy

Another one of the local women who Elinore becomes friends with; she has her own independent streak and is also very efficient...

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