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This is Rifka's homeland from which she and her family flee.


Rifka says she and her family are from this country so as not to get into trouble.


The point of departure for Rifka's family is this country.


This is the capital of Poland where Rifka gets detained.

Antwerp, Belgium

Rifka must go to this city to recover from ringworm.

Ellis Island

This is the point of entry for immigrants to the United States, and Rifka is detained here until her hair grows back.

New York City

This is the U.S. city where Rifka's older brothers live and where the rest of her family moves.


Tovah gives Rifka a poetry collection by this author to take with her to the U.S.


The guards in Poland steal these family heirlooms, and Rifka eventually gives her brother money to buy more for...

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