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September 2 - February 25

• "Letters from Rifka" begins with a twelve-year-old Russian girl named Rifka writing to her cousin, Tovah, telling her of how Rifka's family escaped Russia in order to go to America.

• Rifka tells Tovah that she had to distract the guards on the train so they would not find her two brothers and parents.

• Rifka recalls that the family had to flee because Rifka's brother, Nathan, escaped from the army and her parents knew they would come to find him and kill the whole family.
• Rifka's parents quickly decide to leave for America to join the three sons who are already living there.

• Rifka tried to distract the guards on the train, but it was Uncle Avrum's calls for help about his factory being robbed that persuaded the two guards to leave the train.

• At the Polish border, Rifka and her family are ordered to remove...

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