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John Andrew Corrigan

From a young age, this character was a faithful person who went to sleep at night saying prayers. As a young teenager, he begins to spend time at flophouses, talking with the homeless and drug addicts and even drinking often while doing so.

Ciaran Corrigan

This character's name is first revealed in Book 1, Chapter 3: "A Fear of Love." Throughout his childhood, this character often finds himself in awe of his younger brother's selflessness and of his constant need to help others.

Tillie Henderson

This character, once a prostitute, is bold, brazen, flirtatious, and defensive. She makes it clear that she is not ashamed of anything that she has done to her own body or any of the choices that she has made for herself. While in jail for petty larceny, she is charged with assault and sentenced to more time in jail.

Jazzlyn Henderson

This character...

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