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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reverend Gabson say the boys were talking about?
(a) Getting an axe.
(b) A white handled pistol.
(c) Skipping school the next day.
(d) Breaking into the Barnett's store.

2. What does Jeremy give Stacey and Cassie?
(a) His autograph.
(b) A photograph of his family.
(c) A book he liked.
(d) A photograph of himself.

3. What does Mrs. Lee Annie announce in April?
(a) She wants to run for office.
(b) All blacks should vote so they are treated better.
(c) She wants to vote like her father did.
(d) It is officially spring.

4. Why does Papa refuse Mr. Granger's offer?
(a) Papa is very stubborn and refuses to accept help from anyone.
(b) Papa doesn't need the help because he is expecting a monetary windfall.
(c) Mr. Granger's name will be on the country records and he could then claim their land as his own.
(d) Papa is afraid his sharecropper friends will find out and never trust him again.

5. What happens the second time Cassie's Papa finds out she is playing marbles?
(a) She is grounded.
(b) He makes her memorize the Ten Commandments.
(c) He makes her give back the marbles she won.
(d) She must recite the Tenth Commandment.

6. Who lives in the Logan's shed?
(a) Mr. Morrison.
(b) Big Ma.
(c) Wordell.
(d) Mr. Jamison.

7. How does Uncle Hammer feel about Bud's announcement?
(a) He is angry and calls Cousin Bud a fool.
(b) He laughs at Cousin Bud.
(c) He threatens Cousin Bud.
(d) He calls Cousin Bud a traitor to blacks.

8. What is the only reason why TJ Avery was not lynched after he was caught?
(a) There was a fire on the Logan property.
(b) The town wanted a fair trial.
(c) RW & Melvin Simms said he didn't do it.
(d) People were no longer lynched.

9. What does Papa say when Uncle Hammer asks him about his other job?
(a) He might take Stacey along this year.
(b) He aks Uncle Hammer to join him this year.
(c) He might not go this year.
(d) He might work on the hospital construction job instead.

10. Why is Mama no longer a teacher?
(a) She did not like working with children.
(b) She prefered chopping wood.
(c) They no longer needed the money.
(d) She was fired for organizing a boycott.

11. Why are the Logans upset about Joe Billy and Stuart talking to Jacey Peters?
(a) They are white and she is black.
(b) She is white and they are black.
(c) The boys are sharecropper's sons and she is the daughter of a landowner.
(d) They are afraid the boys will beat Jacey.

12. After TJ is found guilty and led from the courthouse, who tries to talk to him?
(a) His mother and father.
(b) The Logan children.
(c) Stacey and Cassie.
(d) Mr. Jamison.

13. Who is driving the bright yellow Ford?
(a) Mr. Hammer.
(b) Uncle Dube.
(c) Uncle Hammer.
(d) Cousin Wiggins.

14. Who offers milk to the young man?
(a) Cassie Logan.
(b) PaPa Logan.
(c) Mrs. Lee Annie Lees.
(d) Stacey Logan.

15. What do most of the people think of Uncle Hammer's new car when they see it at church on Sunday?
(a) Most liked his old Packard more.
(b) They like the rich looking interior.
(c) They like the new car more than his old one.
(d) They like how roomy it is.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moe do when Joe Billy offers him a ride home from school?

2. What do Mama and Cousin Bud agree on?

3. What does Mr. Morrison do for the Logans?

4. What happens to Cassie's photograph of Jeremy Sims?

5. When Uncle Bud offers to leave, who insists that he stay?

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