Let the Circle Be Unbroken Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe TJ Avery's predicament in the story.

After nearly being lynched for a killing, store-owner TJ Avery is now in jail.

2. Identify the reasons Stacey Logan offers to allow Dube Cross to milk their cow to get milk for his siblings rather than just giving him some of their extra milk.

Stacey does not want to hurt Dube's pride and he knows that asking for charity is very difficult. Stacey also knows Dube would rather work for something than to be given a handout.

3. Why is it more dangerous for Russell to wear a military uniform when he travels back to Indiana than to wear his civilian clothes?

The "bigoted whites" need very little reason to beat a black man. A black man in the military does not conform with the opinion many white people have of black people, specifically, that they are less intelligent and less important. The uniform is a symbol of importance and thus would cause the "bigoted whites" to lash out at him.

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