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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Papa say when Uncle Hammer asks him about his other job?
(a) He might not go this year.
(b) He might take Stacey along this year.
(c) He aks Uncle Hammer to join him this year.
(d) He might work on the hospital construction job instead.

2. What does Cassie overhear when Papa leaves his bedroom?
(a) Papa saying he is going for a long walk.
(b) Papa talking to Uncle Hammer about Stacey.
(c) Papa talking to the Sheriff about Stacey and Moe.
(d) Her mother yelling at him to search for her son.

3. What does Mr. Granger offer to do for Papa?
(a) Pay Papa's taxes.
(b) Buy the Logan farm.
(c) Bribe the county agent.
(d) Give Papa a loan.

4. Which marble catches Cassie's eye?
(a) The blue green marble.
(b) The cat's eye.
(c) The big orange shooter.
(d) The shiny yellow marble.

5. Why is Mr. Wheeler organizing a meeting?
(a) To discuss how Mr. Granger and Mr. Peck are taking advantage of the tax laws.
(b) To get the farmers to help him build a new barn after his was burned.
(c) To get all the black farmers to form a union.
(d) To discuss how Mr. Granger and Mr. Montier are taking advantage of the tax laws.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the consequence of Papa's decision to quit the government program?

2. When the Logan children and their friends are walking to school, why must they listen for the white school bus?

3. What decision does Papa Logan make that upsets his wife?

4. Who set the fire on the night TJ Avery was nearly lynched?

5. Who offers milk to the young man?

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