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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't PaPa want his children to play marbles?
(a) He wants them to do their chores.
(b) He is afraid someone would fall on them.
(c) It is time for dinner.
(d) He considers it to be gambling.

2. What happens when Cassie takes a drink from the courthouse fountain while her brothers use the restrooms?
(a) Jeremy Sims tells the sheriff they are there.
(b) The white folks inside look at them with disgust.
(c) Jeremy Sims grabs her and the boys and makes them leave.
(d) The sheriff chases them out of the building.

3. Who is with Doris Ann when they find her hanging from the church bell rope?
(a) Ella Lou Hicks.
(b) Mr. Ellis.
(c) Wordell.
(d) Joe.

4. On the day of the trial, who does Stacey meet at the crossroad?
(a) Cassie and the boys.
(b) Joe and Moe.
(c) Wardell and Clarence.
(d) Moe and Clarence.

5. What does Stacey expect will happen if his Papa finds out he is going to the trial?
(a) He'll likely get a whipping.
(b) His father will give him a lecture.
(c) His father won't be happy, but he won't do anything.
(d) His father will ground him for two weeks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which marble catches Cassie's eye?

2. What does Stacey say would happen to a black person who got caught using the courthouse restrooms or fountain?

3. Who lives in the Logan's shed?

4. Who sneaks a ride to the trial with Joe and Wordell?

5. Who is in jail, accused of killing Mr. Barnett?

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