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Catherine Maurice
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Catherine sense about Anne Marie in Chapter 1?
(a) She has psychic abilities.
(b) She is much smarter than she appears.
(c) Daniel doesn't like her.
(d) Something is amiss.

2. Aside from the counselor, who is involved in Dr. Lovaas's therapy program?
(a) Everyone in the child's life.
(b) The child's family and friends.
(c) The child's family.
(d) The child's family and teacher.

3. What is the diagnosis of Anne Marie by the neurologist?
(a) Deafness.
(b) Colic.
(c) Ear infection.
(d) Infantile autism.

4. What percentage of children have been helped by the therapy Rimland advocates?
(a) Over thirty percent.
(b) Over forty percent.
(c) Over seventy-five percent.
(d) Over fifty percent.

5. What lists does the therapist ask Catherine to make?
(a) Social skills to develop.
(b) Positive and negative behaviors to address.
(c) Causes and effects of autism.
(d) Words to learn.

6. According to the foreword, what has been proven helpful for autistic children?
(a) Holding therapy.
(b) Social skills courses.
(c) Early behavior modification.
(d) Speech therapy.

7. How does Catherine initially react to Anne Marie's struggles in Chapter 2?
(a) She blames her husband.
(b) She doubts her own skills as a mother.
(c) She blames her own mother.
(d) She worries that Anne Marie is being abused.

8. What is the reason for the family's overseas trip?
(a) To introduce the children to air travel.
(b) To have the children baptized.
(c) To look for a new home.
(d) To visit historical landmarks.

9. What category of book is Let Me Hear Your Voice?
(a) Nonfiction.
(b) Memoir.
(c) How-to.
(d) Biography.

10. What is the purpose of an acknowledgment section?
(a) To give an outline of the contents of the book.
(b) To show appreciation to those who helped the author.
(c) To introduce the book.
(d) To explain how the book was written.

11. A friend calls Catherine with news of therapy that involves intense _______.
(a) Light therapy.
(b) Behavioral therapy.
(c) Holding therapy.
(d) Speech therapy.

12. Rimland promotes all forms of therapy for _______.
(a) Autistic children.
(b) Deaf children.
(c) Developmentally disabled children.
(d) Prematurely-born children.

13. What is Robin's role with the family?
(a) Social worker.
(b) Elementary school teacher.
(c) Holding therapy specialist.
(d) Speech therapist.

14. Why do others suspect Anne Marie is unhappy, according to Chapter 2?
(a) Because Catherine gives Anne Marie too much freedom?
(b) Because Catherine spends too much time with Daniel.
(c) Because Catherine works outside the home.
(d) Because Catherine is pregnant with her third child.

15. According to Chapter 8, what is one way behaviors are achieved in behavioral therapy?
(a) Through repetition.
(b) By force.
(c) By secluding the child.
(d) Through a live-in program.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the acknowledgments section, who in the Maurice family needed therapists?

2. Why is it recommended that Catherine take Anne Marie to the hospital?

3. What does Dr. Lovaas develop that Catherine uses for Anne Marie?

4. According to the foreword, how do many view behavior modification therapy?

5. What is one clue to Catherine about Anne Marie in Chapter 1?

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