Objects & Places from Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances

John Green
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Flobie Santa Village

This is something that Jubilee’s family collects. It represents truthworthiness to Jubilee’s mother. When she learns that Debbie collects these also, she feels that Debbie is a trustworthy person.

Jubilee Hall

This is a ceramic holiday building that parents name their daughter after.

Dental Floss

This is what JP uses to trip up the twins when they are chasing him and his friends.


This stops a train and shuts down a town. It seems to lead to Christmas miracles and romance.


This is a game that is supposed to help the guys be able to interact with the cheerleaders.

Necklace with a Heart

This is something that Jeb worked hard to get for Addie. It symbolized his affection, even though it was not expensive.

Purple Chairs

These are where Addie and Jeb sit and share their first kiss.

Sticky Note


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