Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances Fun Activities

John Green
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Snow Storm

Discuss with a group a time that you experienced a blizzard and what you did while it was storming.


Read another book or short story written by John Green, Maureen Johnson, or Lauren Myracle.

Your Order

List the items that you would order if you went to the Waffle House to eat.


Discuss with a group your favorite and least favorite character in the short stories.

Waffle House

Create a diorama of the Waffle House.

Couples Portrait

Create a portrait of the couples who get together in the short stories.

Teacup Pigs

Research teacup pigs and list the pros and cons of having one as a pet.


In The Patron Saint of Pigs, a lumberjack buys a latte that Addie thinks is feminine. List the ingredients that you think should be in a latte consumed by a lumberjack.

Character Interview

Write ten questions...

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