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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Clay's flashback, why does Clay's grandfather not attend the party?
(a) Because he was sick.
(b) Because he did not want to go.
(c) Because he did not know the party's host.
(d) Because he was passed out drunk.

2. At After Hours, what is on the placemat surrounding the words?
(a) Pictures of the club owners.
(b) Signatures of famous people who frequent the club.
(c) The name and address of a psychiatrist.
(d) About 20 names and phone numbers.

3. After leaving the hotel, where do Julian and Clay meet Finn to get Clay's money?
(a) A bar in West Hollywood.
(b) Finn's apartment.
(c) A restaurant in the Galleria.
(d) A club.

4. What do Clay and his friends do after they take Dimitri to the emergency room?
(a) Go back to the club.
(b) Go to the movies.
(c) Sit in the car and talk.
(d) Sit in a coffee shop.

5. What flashback does Clay have of Julian while they are in the hotel?
(a) Julian playing football in the sixth grade.
(b) Julian learning how to drive in the tenth grade.
(c) Julian riding his bike in the fourth grade.
(d) Julian playing soccer in fifth grade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mr. Erickson's occupation?

2. What happens when Clay and Blair end up at the guest house during Kim's party?

3. Why is Trent's outlook on his upcoming day brighten when he realizes his friend Sandy will be at his home while Trent helps his mom with her gardening?

4. What do Blair and Clay do after they attend the concert?

5. What does Clay do before he goes to pick Blair up for the concert?

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