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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clay return home in Part 1?
(a) He got kicked out of his house.
(b) He got kicked out of school.
(c) He needs money from his parents.
(d) It's Christmas break.

2. After Clay locates Julian at his home in Part 4, where do they go to talk?
(a) A restaurant in the Galleria.
(b) A cafe in West Hollywood.
(c) A quiet movie theater.
(d) Julian's room in the basement.

3. After visiting with Muriel, where does Clay agree to meet Rip?
(a) At a nightclub.
(b) In a park.
(c) At a church.
(d) At a cafe.

4. Where does Clay eat dinner on Christmas Eve?
(a) Chasen's Resturant.
(b) A cafe in Palm Springs.
(c) Century City.
(d) Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

5. At the start of Part 2, where do Clay and Trent go before attending another party with friends?
(a) To a nightclub.
(b) To the movies.
(c) To another party.
(d) To dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Christmas Eve dinner, why does Clay go to Jimmy's?

2. Where do Blair, Kim, and Clay go to see a movie?

3. Why do Kim, Blair and Clay not hang out at The Palace one night?

4. After leaving Kim's house, what does Clay do when he arrives home?

5. Who sees Clay as he leaves Griffin's house in Part 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Clay spends his time during the day on Christmas Eve.

2. Describe Blair's Christmas party.

3. What does Clay remember about his last Christmas in Palm Springs? How does he spend Christmas while at home from school?

4. What do Clay and Blair discuss while at lunch? What does Blair do a few days after she has lunch with Clay?

5. What does Clay do once he is settled in at home?

6. What memories of Julian does Clay have while at the hotel and on the way to the club afterward?

7. Describe Julian's reaction to Clay bringing the money to his house.

8. Describe the scene at Julian's house on King's Road when Clay arrives.

9. What does Clay remember about the party that occurred at the house of a friend of his cousin? What happened at the party?

10. What images stick in Clay's head after he hears a particular song while in Los Angeles on vacation?

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