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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair tell Clay about his friend Muriel?
(a) Muriel dropped out of school.
(b) Muriel is anorexic.
(c) Muriel is no longer her friend.
(d) Muriel is dead.

2. After Christmas Eve dinner, why does Clay go to Jimmy's?
(a) To have a drink with Julian.
(b) To have more drinks with his family.
(c) To meet up with Rip to get more drugs.
(d) To have dinner with Blair.

3. Who makes the statement, "People are afraid to merge onto the freeway in Los Angeles."
(a) Julian.
(b) Rip.
(c) Clay's mother.
(d) Blair.

4. What year is Clay in school?
(a) He is a freshman.
(b) He is a senior.
(c) He is a junior.
(d) He is a sophomore.

5. How is Clay dressed when he leaves Griffin's house?
(a) He is naked.
(b) He is half-naked.
(c) He is fully dressed.
(d) He leaves wearing Griffin's clothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who approaches Clay as he is waiting for Julian to arrive at their agreed upon location?

2. What drug dealer does Clay meet up with and do some hits of cocaine in an upstairs bathroom?

3. What are people doing when Clay arrives at Blair's party?

4. What type of movie do Blair and Kim want to see?

5. What does Clay do when he wakes up at 11:00 am?

Short Essay Questions

1. What flashback does Clay have of his grandmother in Palm Springs when she had pancreatic cancer?

2. What does Clay do on New Year's Eve night? Who does he spend it with? What happens?

3. Why does Clay call his psychiatrist in Part 8? What does he tell his psychiatrist?

4. What memory of Palm Springs does Clay think about as he is swimming laps in the pool?

5. In Part 8, what is Daniel doing when Clay goes to visit him? What does Daniel want to talk about with Clay?

6. Why do Clay, Rip, and Trent go to Dead's house? What do they do after they leave Dead's house?

7. What does Lene tell Blair, Kim, and Clay when they see her? Why do Kim and Blair pretend that they do not know about Lene's good news?

8. Why does Clay not agree with Spin's behavior at Rip's house? What is the argument between Clay and Rip?

9. What memories of Julian does Clay have while at the hotel and on the way to the club afterward?

10. Why does Clay meet up with Julian at the arcade? What news does Julian have for Clay?

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