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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mr. Erickson from?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Maryland.
(c) Indiana.
(d) Florida.

2. Where does Clay call his psychiatrist from on the day of his appointment?
(a) Julian's house in Malibu.
(b) A phone booth in Beverly Hills.
(c) His father's office in Studio City.
(d) Rip's apartment by UCLA.

3. Why does Clay stop at the Polo Lounge for a drink before arriving at Blair's house?
(a) Because he needed a drink in order to think properly.
(b) Because he had not had a drink all day.
(c) Because he needed to forget his argument with his mother.
(d) Because he did not receive the sign from God as promised.

4. What is the main attraction at Rip's apartment in Part 10?
(a) A stash of heroin.
(b) A male prostitute waiting to be propositioned.
(c) An adult movie that one of their friends made with a random girl he met at a club.
(d) A naked girl lying on the bed with her legs tied to the bedposts.

5. Who goes with Ross to see his discovery?
(a) Clay, Rip, and Daniel.
(b) Clay, Trent, and Rip.
(c) Clay, Blair, and Kim.
(d) Clay, Trent, and Blair.

6. After leaving the hotel, where do Julian and Clay meet Finn to get Clay's money?
(a) Finn's apartment.
(b) A restaurant in the Galleria.
(c) A club.
(d) A bar in West Hollywood.

7. Why is Clay sneezing blood at his psychiatrist appointment?
(a) Because of his cocaine use.
(b) Because he was punched in the nose earlier that day.
(c) Becuse he has high blood pressure.
(d) Because he hit his nose during his daily swim.

8. What is Ross' discovery?
(a) A large amount of marijuana.
(b) An old cop car.
(c) A dead boy who is leaning against a building.
(d) A dead dog lying in a garbage can.

9. What is the location of Ross's discovery in Part 10?
(a) A deserted building.
(b) A club.
(c) Ross' house.
(d) An alley.

10. Who does Clay end up leaving the club, After Hours, with?
(a) A guy he knows from New Hampshire.
(b) Blair.
(c) Trent.
(d) A young girl.

11. What information does Clay share with Trent at Spago when Trent leaves the room for a short period of time?
(a) Clay tells Trent that he has some cocaine in his pocket.
(b) Clay tells Trent that his relationship with Blair is over.
(c) Clay tells Trent that he is leaving early to go back to school.
(d) Clay tells Trent that he is no longer shooting cocaine.

12. Where does Clay meet Evan?
(a) Julian's house by the pool.
(b) Spago.
(c) The movies.
(d) A party at Kim's house.

13. What do Blair and Clay do after they attend the concert?
(a) They go to the movies in Westwood.
(b) They sit on the patio at Spago and have drinks.
(c) They go back to Blair's house and talk.
(d) They go to a party at Rip's house.

14. What does Ross do when he arrives at Rip's apartment in Part 10?
(a) Ross plays video games in the living room.
(b) Ross watches MTV.
(c) Ross shoots heroin.
(d) Ross has sex with a girl in the bedroom.

15. Why does the Mr. Erickson not want any distracting noises in the hotel room?
(a) Because he wants to make sure no one tries to come in the room.
(b) Because he wants Clay to hear everything.
(c) Because he enjoys the silence.
(d) Because he wants to make sure that Julian is able to concentrate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ross and his friends do when they stand around Ross' discovery in Part 10?

2. When Julian and Clay meet up with Finn, who does Finn introduce them to?

3. At After Hours, what is on the placemat surrounding the words?

4. What does Clay do before he goes to pick Blair up for the concert?

5. Where does Clay drive after he leaves the party in Bel Air?

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