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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says, "Her name is Shandra and she goes to Corvalis"?
(a) Blair.
(b) Clay.
(c) Rip.
(d) Ross.

2. What does Mr. Erickson offer Julian and Clay when they first arrive at his room?
(a) He offers them a drink.
(b) He offers them food.
(c) He offers them drugs.
(d) He offers them a cigerette.

3. At After Hours, what is on the placemat surrounding the words?
(a) About 20 names and phone numbers.
(b) Signatures of famous people who frequent the club.
(c) Pictures of the club owners.
(d) The name and address of a psychiatrist.

4. What do the signs around Clay's old elementary school guard against?
(a) Drugs dealers.
(b) Physical harm to other students.
(c) Health hazards.
(d) Unwanted intruders.

5. What is the main attraction at Rip's apartment in Part 10?
(a) A male prostitute waiting to be propositioned.
(b) An adult movie that one of their friends made with a random girl he met at a club.
(c) A stash of heroin.
(d) A naked girl lying on the bed with her legs tied to the bedposts.

6. What happens to Dimitri at the club?
(a) He gets pushed down the stairs.
(b) He pushes his head through the a plate glass window.
(c) He gets into a fight.
(d) He falls down the stairs.

7. Where does Clay take Evan the next day to get more information from him?
(a) McDonald's.
(b) Clay's house.
(c) Spago.
(d) Century City.

8. What does Clay tell his psychiatrist when he calls?
(a) That he has had serveral breakdowns and needs help.
(b) That he will be late for his appointment.
(c) That he needs to reschedule his appointment.
(d) That he will not be in for his appointment or any future appointments.

9. What is Ross' discovery?
(a) An old cop car.
(b) A dead dog lying in a garbage can.
(c) A large amount of marijuana.
(d) A dead boy who is leaning against a building.

10. After leaving the hotel, where do Julian and Clay meet Finn to get Clay's money?
(a) Finn's apartment.
(b) A club.
(c) A bar in West Hollywood.
(d) A restaurant in the Galleria.

11. In Clay's flashback, why does Clay's grandfather not attend the party?
(a) Because he was sick.
(b) Because he was passed out drunk.
(c) Because he did not want to go.
(d) Because he did not know the party's host.

12. Where does Finn live?
(a) A beachfront home in Malibu.
(b) A house in West Beverly Hills.
(c) A condo on West Hollywood Boulevard.
(d) A penthouse apartment on Wilshire.

13. According to Clay, what way does his grandmother say she would prefer to die?
(a) She would prefer to die in her sleep.
(b) She would prefer to die in a car accident.
(c) She would prefer to die high on drugs during a plane crash.
(d) She would prefer not to die.

14. Why is Clay sneezing blood at his psychiatrist appointment?
(a) Because he hit his nose during his daily swim.
(b) Because he was punched in the nose earlier that day.
(c) Becuse he has high blood pressure.
(d) Because of his cocaine use.

15. How does Finn refer to Julian when he enters his office?
(a) "My young man."
(b) "My running boy."
(c) "My best young man."
(d) "My best boy."

Short Answer Questions

1. How long are Julian and Clay in Mr. Erickson's hotel room?

2. In Part 8, where does Finn send Clay and Julian for Julian's next job?

3. The surfer lying in the Finn's living room is watching what on television?

4. What do Ross and his friends do when they stand around Ross' discovery in Part 10?

5. How does Clay think Evan makes money?

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