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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mr. Erickson's occupation?
(a) Entreprenuer.
(b) Marketing executive.
(c) Movie director.
(d) Real estate businessman.

2. What is the main attraction at Rip's apartment in Part 10?
(a) A male prostitute waiting to be propositioned.
(b) An adult movie that one of their friends made with a random girl he met at a club.
(c) A naked girl lying on the bed with her legs tied to the bedposts.
(d) A stash of heroin.

3. Where does Clay call his psychiatrist from on the day of his appointment?
(a) Julian's house in Malibu.
(b) Rip's apartment by UCLA.
(c) A phone booth in Beverly Hills.
(d) His father's office in Studio City.

4. Where does Clay meet up with Julian to get some of his money back?
(a) A restaurant.
(b) An arcade.
(c) A movie theater.
(d) A mall.

5. While eating ice cream in an Italian ice cream parlor, what movie does Blair tell Clay is coming on that week?
(a) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
(b) Gone with the Wind.
(c) The Wizard of Oz.
(d) Dirty Dancing.

6. Why does Clay go with Julian on his next job?
(a) Because Finn wants Clay to work for him.
(b) Because the customer requested a male prostitute and someone to watch.
(c) Because Clay is looking to make some extra money.
(d) Because Julian does not want to go by himself.

7. What reason does Clay's father give for wanting to die the way he suggests?
(a) Because you would not know anything about it.
(b) Because your death would make the news.
(c) Because your family would know that you did not suffer.
(d) Because there would be no body to bury.

8. What does Finn do when Julian begs and pleads to be released from his job?
(a) Finn shoots Julian in his shoulder.
(b) Finn punches Julian and leaves him on the ground.
(c) Finn wrestles Julian to the floor and shoots Julian's arm with heroin.
(d) Finn releases Julian from the bondage of his job.

9. Where did Clay's grandmother die?
(a) In the home of a friend.
(b) In a hospital room on the outskirts of the desert.
(c) In her home in Palm Springs.
(d) In a plane crash.

10. What does Clay do before he goes to pick Blair up for the concert?
(a) Clay swims 20 laps.
(b) Clay watches an evangelist program on television.
(c) Clay takes Valium.
(d) Clay calls Trent to get some drugs.

11. What is Ross' discovery?
(a) A dead dog lying in a garbage can.
(b) An old cop car.
(c) A dead boy who is leaning against a building.
(d) A large amount of marijuana.

12. What happens while Blair is driving Clay home from the ice cream parlor?
(a) They decide to stop at Rip's house to get some cocaine.
(b) She hits a coyote with her car.
(c) Her car runs out of gas.
(d) Clay breaks up with Blair.

13. Who does Clay end up leaving the club, After Hours, with?
(a) Trent.
(b) A guy he knows from New Hampshire.
(c) Blair.
(d) A young girl.

14. What is the location of Ross's discovery in Part 10?
(a) Ross' house.
(b) An alley.
(c) A club.
(d) A deserted building.

15. How does Finn refer to Julian when he enters his office?
(a) "My best young man."
(b) "My best boy."
(c) "My young man."
(d) "My running boy."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ross do when he arrives at Rip's apartment in Part 10?

2. What information does Clay share with Trent at Spago when Trent leaves the room for a short period of time?

3. What do the signs around Clay's old elementary school guard against?

4. Why is Trent's outlook on his upcoming day brighten when he realizes his friend Sandy will be at his home while Trent helps his mom with her gardening?

5. What is Daniel doing when Clay goes to visit him in Part 8?

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