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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Clay go home with Griffin?
(a) Because he is tired and does not feel like driving home.
(b) Because he is stoned and drunk on champagne.
(c) Because he wants to get some drugs from Griffin's house.
(d) Because he wants to check out Griffin's new movies.

2. On the way home from Griffin's house in Part 2, Clay is distracted by a billboard that says what?
(a) "Disappear here."
(b) "Just your luck."
(c) "A new way."
(d) "New beginings."

3. What show was Lene and Troy on?
(a) MTV
(b) Teen Talk
(c) MV3
(d) Real World

4. Clay's father asks him if he wants to go where for Christmas?
(a) Atlanta.
(b) Las Vegas.
(c) Palm Springs.
(d) Washington, D.C.

5. What does Clay find his sisters doing on the morning after Christmas?
(a) Watching home videos.
(b) Watching adult films.
(c) Eating in the kitchen.
(d) Swimming in the pool.

6. What does Clay and his regular group of friends do on Christmas Eve?
(a) They go to a nightclub.
(b) They spend the day at Clay's mother's house.
(c) They spend the day at the beach.
(d) They spend the day at the pool.

7. What is the setting of the story?
(a) Chicago, IL.
(b) Los Angeles, CA.
(c) New York, NY.
(d) Seattle, WA.

8. After seeing his sisters, what does Clay do the morning after Christmas?
(a) Watches TV with his sisters.
(b) Calls Blair.
(c) Swims laps.
(d) Eats breakfast.

9. What was Lene doing on television?
(a) An audience participant.
(b) Modeling.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Singing.

10. How is Clay dressed when he leaves Griffin's house?
(a) He is fully dressed.
(b) He is half-naked.
(c) He leaves wearing Griffin's clothing.
(d) He is naked.

11. On Christmas Eve, Daniel calls Clay to tell him what?
(a) Daniel tells Clay that he was in a drunk-driving accident.
(b) Daniel tells Clay that he is doing crack.
(c) Daniel tells Clay that a girl he had been dating is pregnant.
(d) Daniel tells Clay that he is gay.

12. What are people doing when Clay arrives at Blair's party?
(a) They are swimming in the pool.
(b) They are watching a movie.
(c) They are drinking and using drugs.
(d) They are playing party games.

13. What did Clay do the day after he and his sisters were in Palm Springs?
(a) He checked newspapers to confirm or deny what he thought he saw.
(b) He went back out to the scene of the accident to see what remained.
(c) He got high.
(d) He told his sisters not to tell his parents about the accident.

14. Where does Muriel hide out while at Kim's house?
(a) Kim's bedroom.
(b) In the basement.
(c) In a closet.
(d) A bathroom.

15. What is Clay's father's profession?
(a) Movie industry executive .
(b) Bank manager.
(c) Music industry executive.
(d) Public school teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Clay eat dinner on Christmas Eve?

2. Where does Clay have lunch with his father?

3. Why did Julian have someone else call Clay to arrange their meeting?

4. Who says, "But I don't like Bandarasta. He's always calling me 'Halloween' for some reason. I don't like to be called 'Halloween.' I don't like it at all."

5. What is Lene's boyfriend's name?

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