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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clay remember about the night he and his sisters were in Palm Springs?
(a) Seeing the car on fire.
(b) Seeing a three-car accident.
(c) Seeing an animal dying in the middle of the road.
(d) Hitting a woman with a car.

2. After Clay locates Julian at his home in Part 4, where do they go to talk?
(a) A restaurant in the Galleria.
(b) A quiet movie theater.
(c) Julian's room in the basement.
(d) A cafe in West Hollywood.

3. Where does Clay have lunch with his father?
(a) Le Petite Canard.
(b) Cosi.
(c) Chef Maurice's Grill.
(d) Century City.

4. What is Lene wearing when Blair and Kim see her?
(a) She is wearing a tank top and a long hippie shirt.
(b) She is wearing a wrap dress and high tops.
(c) She is wearing a halter top and short shorts.
(d) She is wearing faded jeans and a revealing tee-shirt.

5. Where do Blair, Kim, and Clay go to see a movie?
(a) Westwood.
(b) Beverly Hills.
(c) West Hollywood.
(d) Bel Air.

6. What drug dealer does Clay meet up with and do some hits of cocaine in an upstairs bathroom?
(a) Julian.
(b) Blair.
(c) Rip.
(d) Daniel.

7. What is significant about the night Clay and his sisters were in Palm Springs?
(a) He thought he saw the dead animal disappear after getting struck by a car.
(b) Clay thought he saw a child's body burning in the flames coming from the car engine.
(c) He thought he saw one of the cars explode.
(d) He thought he saw a woman dying in one of the car's involved in the car accident.

8. What does Clay and his regular group of friends do on Christmas Eve?
(a) They spend the day at the beach.
(b) They spend the day at the pool.
(c) They spend the day at Clay's mother's house.
(d) They go to a nightclub.

9. In what state does Clay attend college?
(a) New Mexico.
(b) Maryland.
(c) California.
(d) New Hampshire.

10. Who makes the statement, "People are afraid to merge onto the freeway in Los Angeles."
(a) Clay's mother.
(b) Julian.
(c) Blair.
(d) Rip.

11. What suggestion does Trent make to Clay at Blair's party?
(a) He suggests that Clay not go back to school.
(b) He suggests that Clay stop smoking.
(c) He suggests Clay get a tan.
(d) He suggests that Clay go on a date with Muriel.

12. What show was Lene and Troy on?
(a) MTV
(b) MV3
(c) Teen Talk
(d) Real World

13. What is Lene's boyfriend's name?
(a) Troy.
(b) Ralph.
(c) James.
(d) Kenny.

14. When does Julian tell Clay to give him the money?
(a) Four days after their meeting.
(b) One day after their meeting.
(c) Three days after their meeting.
(d) Two days after their meeting.

15. In part 5, why does Trent call Clay?
(a) Because Trent wants Clay to buy him some cocaine from Daniel.
(b) Because Trent is having a party and wants Clay to attend.
(c) Because Trent is out of cocaine and cannot find his dealer.
(d) Because Trent does not have a car and his parents will not allow him to borrow their car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Clay's father asks him if he wants to go where for Christmas?

2. Who picks Clay up from the airport?

3. What does Clay do when Julian does not show up for their meeting?

4. What was Lene doing on television?

5. After Christmas Eve dinner, why does Clay go to Jimmy's?

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