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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clay do when Julian does not show up for their meeting?
(a) Clay drives to a bar and gets drunk.
(b) Clay drives to Trent's house to talk.
(c) Clay goes to the movies.
(d) Clay goes home and shoots heroin.

2. Who does Clay try to call while he is at his mother's house?
(a) Julian.
(b) Blair.
(c) Rip.
(d) Daniel.

3. What does Clay do when he wakes up at 11:00 am?
(a) He takes a hit of cocaine.
(b) He meets up with friends at a diner.
(c) He goes for a run in the neighborhood.
(d) He swims laps in the pool.

4. In part 5, why does Trent call Clay?
(a) Because Trent is out of cocaine and cannot find his dealer.
(b) Because Trent does not have a car and his parents will not allow him to borrow their car.
(c) Because Trent wants Clay to buy him some cocaine from Daniel.
(d) Because Trent is having a party and wants Clay to attend.

5. What is the location of Ross's discovery in Part 10?
(a) A club.
(b) Ross' house.
(c) An alley.
(d) A deserted building.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clay do when Mr. Erickson disappears into the bathroom?

2. What does Blair tell Clay about his friend Muriel?

3. What does Clay's father spend his time doing through most of their lunch?

4. What was Lene doing on television?

5. Who sees Clay as he leaves Griffin's house in Part 2?

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