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Sean Greer, Andrew
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Less At First

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Greer, Andrew Sean. Less. Little, Brown and Co. 2017. Print.

• The novel opens in the present time.

• Novelist Arthur Less is 49 years old.

• He sits in the lobby of a New York hotel, relying on the hotel's grandfather clock to be correct so that he will know when it is past time for his literary escort to arrive and take him to the event.

• It is said that he does not wear a watch because "his faith is fast" (4).

• Arthur is scheduled to interview a successful science fiction writer named H.H.H. Mandern onstage within the hour and is waiting for the escort to take him to the interview.

• The occasion of the interview is the release of H.H.H. Mandern's latest book release.

• Arthur has been instructed not to ask...

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