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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what name does Marius refer to Cosette in Book II of Part IV – Saint Denis?
(a) “The lark.”
(b) “The snake.”
(c) “The hawk.”
(d) “The sparrow.”

2. What is written on the message that Marius hurls through the window in Book VIII of Part III – Marius?
(a) “Run!”
(b) “Help me!”
(c) “The cops are here.”
(d) “Ransom: 200 francs.”

3. What is the title of Book V of Part IV – Saint Denis?
(a) “Mire, but Soul.”
(b) “Little Gavroche.”
(c) “An End Unlike the Beginning.”
(d) “The Grandfather and the Grandson.”

4. Who was overthrown in the 1830 July Revolution in France?
(a) Mark III.
(b) Charles X.
(c) Edward VII.
(d) James V.

5. Before he learns Cosette’s name, Marius refers to her as what nickname in Part III – Marius?
(a) Madeleine.
(b) Lanoire.
(c) Epinone.
(d) Azelma.

6. Marius’s friend who is a churchwarden helps get Marius a job where in Book V of Part III – Marius?
(a) A school.
(b) A church.
(c) A bank.
(d) A bookstore.

7. Where does Marius first see Cosette and Jean Valjean in Part III – Marius?
(a) The Gorbeau House.
(b) Parc de Belleville.
(c) The Luxembourg Gardens.
(d) Jardin Villemin.

8. The four ringleaders of the Paris criminal underworld introduced in Part III – Marius are Montparnasse, Babet, Claquesous, and whom?
(a) Javert.
(b) Courfeyrac.
(c) Bruneseau.
(d) Gueulemer.

9. Marius Pontmercy’s father was a colonel in whose army?
(a) Enjolras Pontmercy.
(b) Georges Pontmercy.
(c) Gavroche Pontmercy.
(d) Theodule Pontmercy.

10. What is the Paris Uprising of 1832 also known as?
(a) The June Rebellion.
(b) The July Rebellion.
(c) The August Rebellion.
(d) The October Rebellion.

11. Where did the Canut revolt take place in December of 1831?
(a) Petit-Picpus.
(b) Vernon.
(c) Toulon.
(d) Lyon.

12. What is Book IV’s title in Part IV – Saint Denis?
(a) “A Few Pages of History.”
(b) “The Noxious Poor.”
(c) “Aid from Below or from Above.”
(d) “An End Unlike the Beginning.”

13. Book VII of Part IV – Saint Denis focuses on what?
(a) The Napoleonic Wars.
(b) The history of the French monarchy.
(c) Parisian street slang.
(d) A detailed family history of Cosette.

14. How old is Marius Pontmercy’s grandfather in Book II of Part III – Marius?
(a) 90.
(b) 83.
(c) 77.
(d) 64.

15. In what Paris suburb does Eponine tell Marius Cosette is living in Book II of Part IV – Saint Denis?
(a) Saint-Germain.
(b) Place de la Bastille.
(c) Les Halles.
(d) Champs-Élysées.

Short Answer Questions

1. What letter is stitched on the handkerchief that Marius finds and believes to be Cosette’s in Part III – Marius?

2. Gavroche’s makeshift home in Book VI of Part IV – Saint Denis is located near the entrance of what?

3. Whom does Gavroche discover to be a military spy in Book XII Part IV – Saint Denis?

4. To what park does Marius go daily in Book II of Part IV – Saint Denis?

5. After discovering the handkerchief he believes is Cosette’s, Marius re-nicknames her what in Part III – Marius?

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