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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV - Saint Denis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the largest industry in Montreuil, according to the narrator in Part I – Fantine?
(a) Coal.
(b) Ship lumber.
(c) House lumber.
(d) Black beads.

2. In Book II of Part II – Cosette, newspaper articles suggest that Jean Valjean withdrew how many francs just before his arrest?
(a) 159,000.
(b) 425,000.
(c) 1,300,000.
(d) 700,000.

3. How much money does Jean Valjean offer Fauchelevent to let him and Cosette spend the night at his lodgings in Book V of Part II – Cosette?
(a) 100 francs.
(b) 650 francs.
(c) 250 francs.
(d) 50 francs.

4. What does Javert give to Marius after Marius tells him of the plot of his neighbors in Book VIII of Part III – Marius?
(a) 2 pistols.
(b) 1 shotgun.
(c) A pistol and a rifle.
(d) 1 rifle.

5. By what name does Fauchelevent address Jean Valjean when he first meets him in Book V of Part II – Cosette?
(a) Monsieur Mabeuf.
(b) Monsieur Madeleine.
(c) Monsieur Gillenormand.
(d) Monsieur Thenardier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Jean Valjean rescue in Part I – Fantine by lifting him from underneath a fallen carriage?

2. For how many years has Jean Valjean been in prison when his character is introduced in Part I – Fantine?

3. What officer promises to always remember Thénardier for saving his life in Book I of Part II – Cosette?

4. What is the title of Book II of Part II – Cosette?

5. To how many years in prison was Jean Valjean initially sentenced for stealing a loaf of bread?

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