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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III - Marius.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Jean Valjean offer Fauchelevent to let him and Cosette spend the night at his lodgings in Book V of Part II – Cosette?
(a) 650 francs.
(b) 100 francs.
(c) 250 francs.
(d) 50 francs.

2. What is the title of Book VIII of Part II – Cosette?
(a) “Paris Atomized.”
(b) “Patron-Minette.”
(c) “The Excellence of Misfortune.”
(d) “Cemeteries Take What is Given Them.”

3. How much money does Jean Valjean give to the Thénardiers for Cosette in Book III of Part II – Cosette?
(a) 1,500 francs.
(b) 500 francs.
(c) 700 francs.
(d) 900 francs.

4. What neighbor of Marius’s introduces him to the Friends of the ABC in Part III – Marius?
(a) Courfeyrac.
(b) Grantaire.
(c) Feuilly.
(d) Bahorel.

5. The Thénardiers force Valjean to write a note summoning whom to the apartment in Book VIII of Part III – Marius?
(a) Grantaire.
(b) Eponine.
(c) Cosette.
(d) Combeferre.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fauchelevent tells Valjean that he and Cosette are in the garden of what convent in Book V of Part II – Cosette?

2. In what year was Charles Myriel born?

3. In Book I of Part III – Marius, Gavroche’s parents are living in the Gorbeau House under what pseudonym?

4. In what year does Marius turn eighteen in Book III of Part III – Marius?

5. With whom did Charles Myriel have a chance encounter in 1806 which led to his current position?

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